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Monster Hunter: World Review

Monster Hunter: World Review

Finally, a real review for Monster Hunter: World. I didn’t expect to be hooked for this game as much as I am. I’ve played roughly 25 hours per week since launch and I’m only now starting to feel some slow down.

This game is a great start to 2018.

As per usual, TL,DR at the bottom.

Warning: Spoilers for monsters encountered during the main story and regions of the game. None of these monsters should be a “surprise” but are things you will encounter with 100% certainty in the game.

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Looking forward to Red Dead Redemption 2.

In a non-surprising turn of events, Rockstar delayed Red Dead Redemption 2 has been delayed to later in the year, October 26th, to be exact. Good. Studios need to be more okay with delaying games in order to create a better product. I understand some studios can’t do that because they don’t have the funds, but Rockstar certainly does after the incredible success that is GTA Online.

And speaking of online, there’s no way RDR2 doesn’t have a major online component. And apparently, according to Trusted Reviews, it’s going to have some sort of Battle Royale à la PUBG as well.

Go check out the update on the game here, they’ve got some really great screenshots and probably some spoilers so be warned.

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Cuphead and Dragon Ball FighterZ, thoughts from an outsider.

While I’m still playing Monster Hunter: World I need to take some time to write about something else for my own sanity and to stave the addiction of monster murdering. This will probably seem like a peculiar post. I want to talk about two games I’ll likely never play. Cuphead and Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Why am I talking about these games then?

Well, I think they both look fantastic. I’ll break down why below.

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