My Gaming History

Here is a list of my ten most played games. I want to include this so you’ll get an idea of where I spend my gaming time. Hopefully this list gives you an idea of the types of games I play and what draws me into games. I’ll give a little information as to why I enjoy those games as well.

TL,DR at the bottom.

Bold games are still being played.

Image result for ffxiv stormblood logo

1.Final Fantasy XIV.

System: PC.

Developer: Square Enix.

Publisher: Square Enix.

Gametime: 1475 Hours

I’ve been playing this game since the release of the Ninja in October 2014. Although I played at the launch of 2.0, it didn’t stick. At its launch, I started playing Ninja and haven’t looked back.

I would say that probably 900 or more of my total hours come from gathering and crafting in this game. I’ve got all Disciple of Hand and Land classes at Level 70. I’ve never been a real “omni-crafter” but I’m getting close now…hopefully.

The sad part about this game is that much of that time has been paired with Netflix in the background. I’m never just playing the game and frankly, I think it needs some jelly for its peanut butter. I can’t concentrate unless I’ve got Leslie Knope in the background yapping away or I’ve got some music playing in the background.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the music in the game, sometimes, is fantastic, but I can only hear the same thing over and over before I lose my mind.

Much of that game time is spent by myself as well. I know it’s really supposed to be played with others since its an MMO, but it serves as my relaxing game. Comfort food, if you will. If I just want to relax and take it easy I always go to FFXIV.

I like the sense of achievement I get with leveling up my character, however arbitrary. With the introductions of Command Missions for the Squadrons recently, the change has made leveling DPS classes go really quickly.

Gone are the 20 minute DPS queues for lower levels and it really makes leveling a breeze, which feeds back into that sense of achievement.

I keep trying become that godly crafter but I’m always sidetracked by that sweet, sweet leveling action. My quest to get all classes maxed keeps me coming back. But, I’m also afraid that I’ll stop playing when I do finally reach that goal, even after a new expansion comes out.

I think FFXIV might end up on the top of this list eventually, but I’m not sure it’ll stay there forever. I’m slowly playing less and less over time and I need at least another 250 hours before it makes it to the top. We’ll see how it goes.

10/16/2018***Update***About a year after writing this post, FFXIV overtook League as my most played game of all time. I am much happier about this than League holding at #1. I didn’t like my time with League as much as FFXIV. So, I’m glad it’s at the top now.

2. League of Legends.

System: PC.

Developer: Riot Games.

Publisher: Riot Games.

Estimated Gametime: 1415 Hours

I played league for 3 and a half years really. I started League around the time Jinx was released, October 2013, and stopped playing early 2017. I thought I wanted to “get gud” at League for a long time before I realized it required too much of a time commitment for me. I really enjoyed playing a variety of champions but felt mostly at home in the top lane.

My first champion in League was Jax. I loved his ability to solo carry games and thought his lamppost was hilarious. After Jax, I moved onto Renekton. I liked Renekton for his outplay ability. I felt pretty confident in my ability to carry on Renekton because I could last hit fairly well with him, but let’s be fair he’s not really hard to play.

After Renekton, I moved onto Gangplank. Before his rework, I loved playing him in the jungle more than top lane because I felt less pressure and his ability to impact the lanes without leaving the jungle. Plus pirates are awesome.

Other than top lane, I played support, mid, and jungle. I played Kha’Zix, Rengar, and Gragas in the jungle. Gragas is hilarious and the other two could carry like nobodies business. I never really played jungle well. I never got around to understanding the nuances of ganking and counter-ganking.

Sure, I understand the concepts but I never really influenced the game like I did from top or from support for that matter.

In mid, I played mostly Ekko and some Galio, before and after rework. I played Ekko because I felt safe and never like I was going to be a detriment to my team. Pair that his ult with Zhonya’s and I felt unkillable.

I only played Galio because nobody else did and not many people really knew how to play against him prior to his rework. Post rework he’s still fun to play, but he’s played a ton which makes him less interesting.

After some time in top or mid, I found I was better at Ranked in the support role. I played Leona while climbing to Gold V in Season 6. That was as high a rank as I achieved. I didn’t want to invest any more time into the game and my play time sort of stalled after that.

I go back every now and again but my hours won’t really get that much higher than they are now before I uninstall League completely and move onto other things.

Modern Warfare 2 cover.PNG

3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

System: Xbox 360.

Developer: Infinity Ward.

Publisher: Activision.

Gametime: 1344 Hours

Modern Warfare 2 is my single favorite multiplayer shooter. I loved that game. I understand Call of Duty has lost its way as of late but I really enjoyed that game. I made a great friend in that game and we’re still playing games some 7 years after we started in late 2010. I think that friend is why I played so much. Not only did I want to top the leaderboard every game, we just wanted to hang out and games were our only way to do so.

Between trying to get the Fall camo on every weapon and getting first every game, I spent more than 56 days playing that game. Most of my time involved Team Deathmatch, which I don’t think I can do anymore. While I loved it at the time, it would probably bore me now. There aren’t enough objectives in that mode to keep me interested. That’s my fault for not playing more game types though.

As far as weapons go, I preferred the Ump-45. My typical class was the Ump-45 paired with a silencer. I tended to run Marathon, Cold-Blooded, and Ninja for perks. I remember running Akimbo Model 1887 when they were grossly overpowered and then the Akimbo Rangers when they got nerfed. If I couldn’t be silent I was going to take people out in one shot.

Like other MW2 players, the drop shot became my go-to move when I came upon another player. Love it or hate it, it worked and I wanted to do whatever I could to win. You’ll notice many of the games on this list are competitive. I can’t help myself. I have a problem.

One of my favorite memories of playing MW2 was letting my friends pick my loadout and trying to win with random nonsense. I can remember the time my friends made me play with Akimbo MP5K with Thermal scopes. I highly doubt I did well with them, but that was part of the challenge and the fun.

My favorite maps were Derail, Estate, and Favela. I liked the verticality of Favela and the fact that you could cross the map quickly going from building to building. Estate was fun because it presented a challenge based on the position of spawn. If you spawned in the house you had an advantage over the team spawning down the hill.

I love snow environments in any game so Derail really sticks out to me because of the snowfall and the feeling of security I get being in the snow. Actually, now that I look at all those maps again, I didn’t really dislike any.

I’d rather Activision not remake this game. I have fond memories and I’d rather they not be ruined by the debacle that was COD4 remastered. I loved that game at that time in my life and I don’t want it tainted by loot boxes. I think it’s best if we just leave that game in the past. I’m hesitant to have the game on Xbox backward compatibility as well. The hackers will probably run rampant and it’s just not worth it at this point.


Image result for pubg

4. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

System: PC.

Developer: Bluehole Studio Inc.

Publisher: PUBG Corp.

Gametime: 1064 Hours

This game will probably make it much higher up on the list eventually. Like many players, I have become addicted to this game. I’ve spent roughly 90 hours each month playing. Okay, thats a lot now that I put that number in a monthly perspective.

I mentioned heart rate when I talked about DayZ earlier and this game nails that effect. I’m getting wins all the time yet so when I do I still feel my heart racing.

According to, I have 27 wins across 925 matches played. My K/D hovers around 1.4. Are those good stats? I have no idea.

I’ve been doing better recently in Solos than other game modes though. I pretend the third person doesn’t exist which shouldn’t be surprising considering there isn’t a real third person game on this list. I’m not counting DayZ.

I feel like those stats are inaccurate though. It doesn’t show all of my wins in Solo, I think. Doesn’t matter.

The game is fun and keeps me coming back. If it wasn’t for my terrible internet at the end of every month I’d probably be playing right now.

Like other games on this list, the M16 creeps back as my favorite gun. I started playing the game with M4s and AKMs but the M16 can’t be beaten right now. I think the versatility at a variety of ranges really makes this gun the best.

You can only put three attachments on and only really need a sight for it to be good. I tend to not even use a secondary weapon unless I find a suppressor for that gun. I don’t see any need. Single-fire fires accurately when you are shooting a ranged target and burst shreds anything in front of you. I tend to use single shot most of the time because I feel like I can fire fast enough even close range.

350 hours on one map. I can’t wait for the next two they have in development. Unless there’s better Battle Royale game on the way somewhere, I think PUGB could see a place in my top 3 most played games at one point.

As much as this game frustrates me because of the early access nonsense, I’ll keep coming back to it.

***UPDATE*** I’ve updated this list to show PUBG’s rise to above 500 total hours. I’m still playing it and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. My friends play it and easy to just jump into a game and go. Regardless of the nonsense issues that still plague the game post “release.” After all is said and done, I’m sure PUBG will take #5 on the list, but likely won’t progress past that. I’m just waiting for a better game to come along.

***UPDATE 2*** Well, that didn’t take long. PUBG now sits at #5 on my list of most played games. I’ve crested the 700 hour mark. As I mentioned previously, I thought it wouldn’t get passed #5. I think it will get much higher than that. We just keep playing.

***UPDATE 3***In a not surprising turn of events, PUBG passes the original Guild Wars on my list of most played games. I was wrong in my original update, I didn’t think PUBG would make it this far, but what do I know?

Image result for guild wars 1 logo

5. Guild Wars 1.

System: PC.

Developer: ArenaNet.

Publisher: NCSOFT.

Gametime: 962 Hours

Guild Wars was my first MMO. My brother got me hooked after he let me play a character pre-Searing. I played a Warrior/Ranger and instantly fell in love with the world and the many build types.

It wasn’t long before I randomly came across a good Samaritan in that game. A random dude was shouting in Ascalon City that he was leaving the game and would give all his money and items to the lowest level character that whispered him.

I was that character. He gave me something like 100 platinum and some Globs of Ecto, some Black Dye, and some other random assortment of items. I didn’t know the worth of Ectos or Black dye, but whatever the 100 platinum made me rich. I think. No idea, actually.

I didn’t start using that money until I maxed my Warrior/Ranger and could really start getting into end game gear.

I beat all the expansions, including Eye of the North and loved every minute of it. I loved the ability to add Heroes to your party and just play with them. It made everything faster and it made it seem like you were playing multiple classes.

I spent a good chunk of time Running in that game and making my money that way. It was nice and easy once you got a rhythm down. I remember wanting to dye some Obsidian Armor black and roll with that. I never really got to it though.

I ended that game with some Black Dyed Primeval armor paired with a Gloom Shield and a Colossal Scimitar. I loved that gear, probably far more than I should. But, the different looks and different builds made that game great for me.

I enjoyed Guild Wars 1 and the amount of content it offered across the 4 expansions. I’d love for them to make another Guild Wars. (I’m in denial about Guild Wars 2, I cannot get into that game at all.)


Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare.jpg

6. Call of Duty 4.

System. Xbox 360.

Developer: Infinity Ward.

Publisher: Activision.

Estimated Gametime: 650 Hours

COD4 was my first Call of Duty game. I remember my older brother letting me play it anytime we hung out at his house. Naturally, I hated it. It became an addiction for me once I got my own Xbox 360, like many games on the list.

I got frustrated all the time, not at the game, but because I wasn’t good and I wasn’t winning. I spent days and days trying to master that game after awhile I felt like I accomplished that goal. I don’t think I was as good at COD4 as I was at MW2, but I still enjoyed it.

I know a lot of people consider COD4 to be one of the last great Call of Duty games. I don’t necessarily agree but I can see why they think that. I think COD always had some fun to offer. Even if I disagree with some of the changes over time. The game felt great to play. The gunplay was on point and you could play any role viably.

I played Halo before COD4 but it wasn’t until COD4 that my love for multiple FPS really came forward. I enjoyed previous FPS games but COD4 made me want to play all the time. It was great being part of a group that I could expect to play after work or class every night.

I didn’t really have many friends that played at that time, so I played COD4 with my brother’s friends and since they’d played for like a year before I did it took me some time before I was on their level and carrying some games.

I probably had a favorite loadout in COD4 but I really don’t remember. It’s been so long and I didn’t play the remastered version enough to have a set loadout. It was most likely the M16 considering the dominance of that gun in the game.

I think the COD4 maps were some of my favorites out of any in the series. I really enjoyed Creek and Overgrown the most if I recall correctly. They allowed for a variety of gameplay and you could really use the environment to your advantage.

Although the colors in the maps weren’t awesome, they were mostly brown-ish. I still felt like they had a good variety.

The only that mattered was that the game was continuously fun.



7. Arma 2: DayZ Mod.

System: PC.

Developer: Bohemia Interactive.

Publisher: Bohemia Interactive.

Estimated Gametime: 500 Hours

I don’t have an accurate count of the amount of time I spent playing the DayZ mod, but I’m guessing it’s around 500 hours. I pretty much built my computer for this after I saw FrankieonPCin1080P playing it.

I never saw a game like it so once I had a computer to play it, I jumped in and played for hours on end. I think that was the first game I played over a consistent 24 hour period. I’m not exactly sure how I feel about that, but there it is.

I started out with Vanilla DayZ and enjoyed it, but, it wasn’t until DayZ Origins that I was hooked. I loved the new modded vehicles and ability to build houses to save some gear. The game still had the risk of losing gear you had on you, but you could save your good stuff for major invasions or for when you wanted to cause some trouble.

My friend and I were kicked off like 5 Origins servers because we liked to actually play the game and hunt other players. People took that game far too serious and always wanted to control how they played. I feel like people just got mad for getting beat.

I know I did, I hated dying. But, that was part of the game. And a large part of the fun. Your heart raced any time you saw someone and anytime you were in a firefight. I don’t think I’ve had another experience like that since. PUBG comes close, but it’s still not the same.

I usually played overwatch for my friend who would be the bait. He was much better at avoiding people and usually played smarter than me. I hung back and covered him with a sniper rifle, or that ACOG M16, my favorite weapon from the mod.

I remember the first time we built and flew a helicopter. We crashed in like 3 minutes after spending 6 hours building it. I was flying. I never played Arma 2 nor did I try its flight training. It was amazing, hilarious, and really sad.

We played on empty servers for a long before learning the game before we started getting confident in our ability to outshoot other groups. That was part of the fun though. The learning curve was endless and there was always more to do. Spawn run to the northwest airfield and then die.

Or for us on the Origins map, it spawned at Byelov run to Sabina and die. I barely went to the southwest island so I can’t even remember what was on there. The loot concentration was greater on the east island so it made sense for us to be there.

I’m happy DayZ existed because it was amazing and spawned another game on this list.

8. Minecraft.

System: PC.

Developer: Mojang.

Publisher: Microsoft.

Estimated Gametime: 500 Hours

I’m really guessing at my Minecraft play time since we can’t track it, to my knowledge. I’m sure Minecraft falls on many people’s “Most Played Games” list. I can see why it would. It took me awhile before I really started playing Minecraft a ton and even then I never really stayed in one world for a long time.

I’m not creative enough to play a different type of game each time. All of my games started the same and then became the same version over and over. I would build into the ground, survive for a long enough to get equipment to be safe than build a shelter into the ground that was uninspired and generic.

I was too scared to risk anything outside so I was always playing as a dwarf. I feel like if I was more creative Minecraft would have more play time. I did the same thing until I “beat” it and then stopped playing that world.

Mods really helped me and extended the gameplay of Minecraft for a long time, but for the most part, I would probably play a world for 15 hours or so and then move on and come back later on a new save.

Although I didn’t play Minecraft really well, I loved the approachability to it. My nieces all play that game, which makes me happy any time the thought crosses my mind. I’m glad there’s a game that can really cross age boundaries and demographics.

Anyone can like Minecraft and that’s awesome. There’s something for everyone and there are mods if nothing in the base game excites you.

Call of Duty Black Ops II box artwork.png

9. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

System: Xbox 360.

Developer: Treyarch.

Publisher: Activision.

Gametime: 450 Hours

I’m actually surprised I didn’t play more of this game. Or maybe I did and I just misremember. I think it’s my second favorite COD game.

I’m tempted to go back and play Black Ops 2 on Xbox One with backward compatibility but I think it’s best left in the past. I’d rather not taint my memories of this game.

I think Black Ops 2 had some of the best weapon balancing in any COD game. You could really do well with anything and it wasn’t required to run an M16 or UMP-45 like the other COD games on this list.

Although I think the sniper rifles in this game were my least favorite, you could still use them well. I think the Ballista was the most prevalent and was actually really fun to use.

But, I probably spent the most time with the MSMC and MP-7. If I remember correctly I just used one primary weapon with no tactical or lethal grenades paired with whatever made me fast and silent.

The COD games got me addicted to good headsets and good sound. I found I’m much better when I can hear the enemy team rather than see them, which doesn’t make a ton of sense. I made it my goal to shoot first so I had to always know here other players were located.

I think I enjoyed Slums and Standoff the most. Those maps actually stick out in my head. I think I started playing more variety of game types on Black Ops 2 as well. I branched out into Demolition, Domination, and Multi-Team.

I loved the competitive League play in that game because it gave us another reason to go back and play. Clearly, I have an addiction to competition and this game made it easy to get into the competitive side of gaming, besides pubs.

I have no idea where I was ranked back when the game was first out. It would be nice to able to check that somehow, not that it really matters.

10. Final Fantasy X.

System: PS2/PSVITA/PS4.

Developer: Square Enix.

Publisher: Square Enix.

Estimated Gametime: 300 Hours

And the only single-player game to make my list comes in 10th place. I’m really not sure the time played on Final Fantasy 10, but I played it like 5 times on the PS2 and once on the Vita and PS4.

I love this game. It is my favorite Final Fantasy and probably my favorite JRPG. It came out when I was 12 and I thought it was amazing at the time. I always thought I loved being Tidus and his story, but it was really about Yuna.

I think she’s one of the best characters in video games. As far as pixels go, I fell in love with her toughness and ability to never give up. She just kept going regardless of what was happening around her.

I enjoy the combat in this game above other FF games because of its predictability. I loved knowing the turns in combat and being able to plan around them. It added an interesting layer of strategy for my 12-year-old brain.

I play it every so often now because it makes me happy and I love living in that world. Spira felt real and developed compared to my past games for me. I felt like it was alive and that I was making an impact on something.

I also don’t dislike Tidus. His infamous laugh scene gets some hate on the internet, it just never really bothered me. It was supposed to be awkward and I feel like many people take it out of context.

I love how close the characters felt in the game. From Kimahri and Auron quietly protecting Yuna, to Wakka and Rikku arguing, and Lulu just being there, everyone is unique. They felt like a team even if Wakka hated the Al Bhed and that put him at odds with Rikku on occasion.

I didn’t spend much time on Blitzball but I enjoyed it when I played. I feel like it was too easy and that made it less enjoyable. The fact that you can score 13 unanswered points made it less fun over time.

The story is the definite strength for the game. Going from Besaid to Zanarkand felt like an adventure and kept me coming back time and time again. Playing that game is like rereading a comforting book for me.


  1. Final Fantasy XIV
  2. League of Legends
  3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
  4. Guild Wars 2
  5. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
  6. Call of Duty 4
  7. Arma 2: Dayz Mod.
  8. Minecraft
  9. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
  10. Final Fantasy X

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