Game Review Structure

Here’s how I go into a review and what elements I’m judging. I’ll focus on gameplay, graphcis, sound, and story. Some elements will be more important than others in different games, but those are the most important aspects to me.

Gameplay: The type of game doesn’t really matter. How the game feels and plays does matter. Hopefully, the mechanics work well and the gameplay keeps me coming back. I don’t need gameplay to be the best thing about a game, but it needs to not detract from the experience.

Graphics: The graphics don’t have to be lifelike every time. I judge graphics on my reaction to them. You can have an amazing looking game but if the facial animations are off, it’s going to detract from the graphics and the game altogether.

Sound: Sound will include music and in-game sound. Music doesn’t really detract from a game for me, but it can certainly add to it. In the game, sounds are important because they can add to the ambiance and involvement in the world. Feeling like I’m involved in the world is important.

Story: Some games have a story, other games do. I usually tend to focus on games with some sort of story. While some games don’t have a narrative written by the developer, you can create your own stories within them. If a game doesn’t come equipped with a narrative, I will judge its ability to allow for interpretation of a story from the gameplay.

Overall: I will combine the four elements above and talk about how they interact. Sometimes music can detract from a scene or awkward sound can deliver strange gameplay experiences. I will focus on the interplay of the four elements and their cohesion.

I’ll give a TL, DR for each review as well that should sum it up in a sentence or two.

No scores. I’m going to avoid scoring games in my reviews for now because I feel like they detract from the overall message of the game and boiling down a game to numbers feels unfair.

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