5 PUBG Tips

A little bit of a reverse order to what I originally planned, due to my obsession with getting out the Mass Effect post, I decided I should post my PUBG tips on Monday November 6, 2017 rather than the previous Friday.

TL, DR at the bottom, as usual.

Tip #1 Find a gun you like

The gun doesn’t have to have the best stats or the best at anything it just has to feel good in your hands. One of my friends has tons of success with the Tommy Gun. He does well when he can just put as many bullets down range as possible. Does that make the Tommy Gun good? Not to me, I’m really bad with it. That doesn’t matter.

I usually stick with the M16. I feel like I know the range and timing of the gun well. I feel more confident with the M16 at range but it works in close proximity as well because of the speed at which you can fire the three round burst.

Tip # 2 Get good with multiple guns

This might seem like a contradiction to the above tip. I think it’s important to be able to use multiple guns effectively. You don’t always get the right gun spawns so being able to adapt to different guns and situations makes the game more fun.

If I don’t get the M16 I’m pretty happy with the Scar. I like the recoil and feel like I can hit shots fairly accurately with it. I’m also fond of the VSS. I think it’s great end game because of the guaranteed silents shots. I think the one drawback to the VSS is the small clip. You need more than 10 shots to finalize that kill in a solo match, so for me, success with the VSS depends on that extended mag.

Tip #3 Learn to gauge distances without zeroing

Try your best to learn the effective firing distances of guns without zeroing. Sure, zeroing can be useful if your playing a sniper style and really taking your time to line up shots. I’ve found that you rarely have time to zero and then fire before your target moves out of your line of sight.

Learn your guns range and where to fire without ever moving from the starting zero point. In all likelihood, you’re going to be using an assault rifle most of the time which have a zero set to 100m upon pickup. Get used to aiming above the target and aiming for the head and you’ll get used to the guns range fairly quickly.

Tip #4 Find your playstyle

Find what playstyle works best for you. I think if you’re in a squad you can really play however you want. Usually, your entire squad is going to have assault rifles and maybe a sniper or two. Guns don’t necessarily dictate playstyle though.

If you like to be aggressive and rush your enemies maybe stick to an AKM which puts tons of damage out in close proximity. Maybe you like the Sniper/Spotter role and want to provide information to your to your team while taking measured shots at specific targets.

Or maybe you’re still learning the game and want to ease into it with a support role and provide protection for your team along with health supplies. I think people underestimate the ability to have someone always providing revives. I’ve won games solely because my teammate has good positioning and can revive me because I play like a mad man.

Solo is a bit different than squads though because you rely on yourself for everything. If you are new to solo I think sticking to a “shoot only when necessary” playstyle can help get you some solo wins.

I’ve found the most success in solo wins when I play carefully and only killed enemies in my direct path or that will definitely become a threat.

Play what works best for you.

Tip #5 Don’t be afraid to fail

Not to ignore everything I just mentioned but failing is part of PUBG. Sometimes you have to experiment before you know what’s going to work. You learn by doing in this game so it’s important to take risks and figure out what’s going to work.

The only way you’re going to learn your playstyle and the types of guns that work for you is to try them out. Unless you are some godly FPS player and even then, you aren’t going to win every game or even that often.

Shoot some guns, die and repeat. Don’t be afraid to fail and learn from the mistakes you make.

TL,DR: Tips below.

  1. Find a gun you like
  2. Get good with multiple guns
  3. Learn distances without zeroing
  4. Find your playstyle
  5. Don’t be afraid to fail

Thanks for reading,



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