Destiny 2 Review

In a surprise turn of events, I’ve got a Destiny 2 review ready to go. I didn’t expect to pump out another review 2 weeks after the first, but I’m liking the pacing of having that 2 week review flow. I will have an Assassin’s Creed Origins Review 2 weeks from today, as well.

For now, I hope you enjoy the Destiny 2 review. No spoilers.

Video and/or written form.

TL,DR at the bottom.

I didn’t really get into the original Destiny. I beat the story but didn’t really stick around, I didn’t even make it to the first DLC. Destiny 2 hooked me more than the original. From the start, I was invested in the characters and the story. Pair that was some expectedly tight gameplay and I’m impressed by the game overall. The solo aspects pair well with the multiplayer PVE elements to create a fun romp from point a to point b while you gun down a plethora of aliens.

If you’re unfamiliar with Destiny 2 it is an FPS with both single-player (and co-op) campaign meant to feel like an MMO. It also has a dedicated multiplayer PVP aspect.

Destiny 2_20170908215320.jpg


Destiny 2 looks like a Halo game that plays like Call of Duty. The gunplay is responsive and enjoyable. For me, Call of Duty represents the best ground-based FPs and I’m happy to have any FPS with a similar feel. You never really feel like you aren’t contributing. I was jumping into public events at level 6 and felt like I was actually making progress alongside the level 20 players in the area. Sure, I was carried in some of the strikes by those people with a higher light level, but for the most part, I can pick what gun I want to use and takeout some Vex.

I don’t see much difference between playing a Warlock, Hunter, or a Titan. Sure, there are some differences between the classes but they don’t really matter. I feel like the guns I used had a bigger impact on the overall gameplay.

Destiny 2_20170913215909.jpg

As far as progression goes you’re always leveling or increasing your light level. It doesn’t really matter what you do before level 20. It’s a create your own adventure game up to a certain point.

After you beat the game and move into post game, Destiny 2 starts to become a grind. If you played the original you’re familiar with it. Those new to the series will notice that you have to do a lot of the same in game events over and over and over before you’ll start to increase that light level. Right now, I’m stuck at 280 and can’t really see going much higher than that since I don’t have and don’t want to invest the time into the raid or finding a fireteam.

I can’t speak to the game past that light level or the raid itself. I’ve found that if you’re playing with friends and just talking as you progress through the game the grind is more interesting. If you’re solo, Destiny 2 loses some of its luster and slows down in some of the late game content. Play it with friends and you’re likely going to get more hours out of it.

Destiny 2_20170914173926.jpg


I’m a bit disappointed with how the game looks overall. Sure, there are some great environments or excellent moments to take screenshots, for the most part, it still feels like a 2014 game. I wanted a bit more in the way of space or variety in the planets or loot sectors.

I feel like each planet looked the same, with Titan being an exception. I think the color differed slightly but that was really the major difference between planets graphically.

Although a small detail, I like the variety of gun and armor aesthetics. I think you’re the only person who really pays attention to how you look buts it’s nice having choices and really making your character and your guns look how you want.

The game looks “nice” but nice doesn’t really inspire or envelope me in its wonder. I was a bit put off by the bland graphics.


Destiny 2_20170914190104.jpg


I’m pretty critical of the graphics Destiny 2 but I think the world they’ve created is exciting. I think it’s awesome going from one planet to another with your own personal space shape and then traversing those planets with a speeder.

I love how easy it is moving from planet to planet and back to the Farm.

I’m not sure what to call the “world” of  Destiny 2, maybe galaxy is more appropriate. I really enjoy always having other players running around and doing things in the game. It makes it feel alive. It makes me feel like I can jump into anything on any world and have some fun.

When it comes down to it, it’s fun living in the universe created by Destiny 2, things are always happening and that makes for some fun times.

Destiny 2_20170916225615.jpg


I think the sound in Destiny 2 is one of its biggest strengths. The in-game sound paired with the music and the character voices create enjoyable ambience to the game. I love Failsafe, she is excellent and she’s only sound.

Cayde-6 and Ikora, played by Nathan Fillion and Gina Torres respectively, are excellent. Those two nailed those characters and really made the world feel alive just with their voices. Sure those characters are doing things in-game and participating in game events but what they’re doing doesn’t really compare to the characters themselves.

The music always feels epic and relevant to the moment to moment action. Music has a way of making me emotionally invested in anything and specifically so for video games. I think because the music is so well made and thoughtful I felt like every action had an impact on the game. Sure the goal for Destiny 2 is to save the galaxy but I would never have felt like I’m saving the galaxy if the music didn’t make me feel that way.

Destiny 2_20170917113733.jpg


I actually enjoyed the story of Destiny 2. I think it’s a fun big action game where you feel like you matter. I feel like you can a great action movie told through the lense of a guardian protecting Earth and the people of Earth. I don’t think the story is anything special but that’s fine. I feel invested in the world because of the story and felt compelled to continue playing until I “beat” the game. I don’t think there was any story downtime either. Pieces were always moving and it kept a great pace throughout its entirety.

I’m not sure how long I played Destiny 2 until I rolled credits but I’m guessing somewhere around 12 hours. It’s hard to make shooters good for longer periods of time so I’m glad it was kept on the shorter side rather than trying to expand the story and make it longer. I think shooters are better when they are confined to a smaller time frame and Destiny 2 really shows that.

Destiny 2_20170907204421.jpg


I don’t think Bungie did anything particularly new or exciting with Destiny 2 compared to the original game. I will say the story is more coherent and enjoyable compared to Destiny 1. I think if I had dedicated group of friends playing this game I would be going back day after day and keep up with what Xur is selling week after week.

Without that dedicated group, the main campaign is a blast and begs to be played. I’m fairly happy with my time in Destiny 2 even if I don’t go back every day or every week. If you do have a group to play with I think there’s tons of content to be enjoyed and it will keep you entertained for a long time.

Destiny 2_20170919170445.jpg

TL,DR: Loved my time with the game. I would definitely play more if I had a consistent group to grind out end game.

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