Current Games and Incoming Content

Back for another Monday post.

I’m currently exploring the Frozen Wilds DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn. I played and beat the game back when it came out earlier this year and really enjoyed it. Jumping back in is proving to be a little bit odd.

No spoilers, as usual.

I apparently forget how to play, which is actually fine. It’s fun jumping back into the game and relearning the mechanics and weaknesses of the enemies. I love the enemies in this game. There is great variety which pairs well with the bow variants. Having to figure out what bow to fight certain enemies with really puts me in the game. Its a bit like a mini-puzzle before you start the action combat.

I didn’t love the story of the base game, but I think the rest of the game makes up for it. The  world and the game-play are both really well done. First, I’m a big fan of dinosaurs. Second, I love cool worlds. Those two things combine to create a phenomenal experience.

I think I’m about 2 or 3 hours into the Frozen Wilds. I’m enjoying being surrounded by snow and fighting some new enemies. It’s more of the same from the base game. Again, the story isn’t anything amazing but thats okay. The game-play and the world definitely make up for it.

I was never sold on any of the side characters with the base game. Aloy is awesome, but she doesn’t have any really interesting characters to compliment her. I think there’s at least one interesting NPC in the Frozen Wilds. I just finished a side quest with this person and it was really fun. He and Aloy had some great dialogue while they were surrounded by a really great dungeon.

Incoming Content:

As far as this Friday, November 24th content, I’m thinking of doing some Assassins Creed Origins tips and then moving into the full review on Monday, November 27. I think you can mess up in Assassins Creed if you don’t do a few things, so I’d like to touch on those ideas to help people get started.

Past that, I’m not really sure whats on the docket. I’m waiting on the steam sale that starts on November 22 to maybe pick up something new. I need a break from action games so I want to find a JRPG or RPG of some sort to delve into.

Feedback and other thoughts appreciated.

Thanks for reading,

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