Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana. Initial Impressions

Ys 8: Initial Impressions

I’m going to flip the script and talk about Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana instead of AC: Origins. Short Story: I’m really enjoying it so far.

First off, I’ve never played a Ys game before so I really knew nothing about this game or how it would feel going into it. Frankly, I didn’t even know it came out. I bought it and the Wolfenstein 2 pack on PSN on a whim.

I needed a less involved JRPG in my life and Ys VIII fits the bill perfectly. Fun combat? Check. Upgradable weapons? Check. World to explore, monsters to kill, items to collect? Check, check, check.

I’ve been looking for a JRPG to really get me back into the genre. I’ve been put off by the length and involved nature of JRPGs lately and wanted to ease back into them. Persona 5 is the last JRPG I played and after 25 hours I called it quits. If the 100 hours to complete Persona 5 is true, I don’t think I can ever finish it. I don’t think the characters are as interesting as past Persona games so couldn’t stick with it. It left me with a bad taste for JRPGs for a few months.

In comes Ys: VIII. I was looking at the Ys games on steam sale and none really caught my eye. Then, I found Ys VIII on PS4 and knew I had to play it.

So far, I’ve played around 3-ish hours and have enjoyed every second of it. I’m actually enjoying the simplicity of the story. It isn’t grandiose or trying to be something it’s not. So far, it’s not a save the world type of game. It’s about a group of people must work together in order to survive. They aren’t fighting some big bad. It’s them against Mother Nature, which I really enjoy.

Ys VIII does look subpar graphically. The lesser monsters are a bit jagged and the more important “boss” monsters seem to have odd hitboxes. The graphics don’t detract from the game, they just aren’t amazing.

The exploration is really enjoyable because of the varied environments. The dialogue is entertaining and light. I love the interactions between characters as we search the world.

I don’t want to go too in-depth as I imagine I’ll do a real review eventually.

Initial impressions are good and I’m really enjoying Ys VIII so far. Hopefully, this enjoyment continues.

If the game goes well and I’m able to beat it in time for my next review, it will be the next reviewed game after my AC: Origins review on November 27, 2017.

I’d love some thoughts on previous Ys games and what I’ve missed out on with these games.

Thanks for reading,

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