Video Game Difficulty

During my playtime with Wolfenstein: The Old Blood I’ve died about six thousand times on the normal difficulty. I’m fairly well versed in shooters and I don’t have problems aiming, the game seems to have a lot of trial and error. Which is fine, up to a certain point.

I find myself getting frustrated by dying so many times but I feel like the game was made to be played on normal and therefore I continue the nonsense. However, I’m not tied to the difficulty and could easily turn it down to something less infuriating.

Should I turn down the difficulty in wake of being able to complete the game? Of course. I’m not trying to prove anything. I just like experiencing games and I hate being frustrated with something that serves as a pastime.

Although the infinite number of deaths annoys me, I can turn down the difficulty and enjoy the game my way. Which is awesome. I think the game has 5 difficulty settings (in the beginning, I don’t know if they add some after beating it) and each will likely play a little bit more different than the last.

I’m glad we’re allowed to pick and choose how we play the game, it makes games more approachable. Some people enjoy the challenge of harder difficulty games and should be able to play that way.

I think the grown man wearing a baby’s bonnet is hilarious and shows the developers have a sense of humor, even if they are poking fun at people who want to play on that lower difficulty. It’s funny. If the developers didn’t want people playing at that lower difficulty they wouldn’t have put it into the game.

I’ve seen people saying they are upset about the picture with the baby bonnet and I feel like they are missing out on the joke. I highly doubt game developers want to push people away. It would be counterintuitive to their bottom line. They want money. More people playing means more money.

Games should be fun, in whatever way we make them. Some people enjoy difficult games and want to figure things out for themselves. Others, like me, just want to experience games in a digestible format where they don’t get frustrated.

Either way is viable and either way should be appreciated.

I’m just glad I have gaming options.

Hopefully, I’ll have The Old Blood finished and review prepped by Monday, December 11, it’s rough going right now due to other responsibilities but I’ll do my best. If not, I’ll definitely have something prepared instead.

Thanks for reading.

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