My 2017 Games List: Part 1.

Alright, so here are the games I played this year. I’m going to break it up into a few different posts. First, I’ll cover games I finished and played this year. Next, I’ll cover games I played this year that didn’t come out this year. Then, I’ll cover games I bought this year that I haven’t had time to play yet. (Too many games either way.) And finally, I’ll talk about my wish-list games. (Still too many games.)

I originally intended on creating a list of my favorite games this year, but those tend to coincide with games I beat this year.

I’ve noticed the number of games I complete each year goes down as I get older. I think with one exception from 2014 to 2015. Apparently, I’m down to 5 completed games this year versus 6 last year and 9 before that. I should stop buying games and then just play and finish my backlog. I hate not having completed games when I buy them.

No Spoilers.

Games I Finished

Horizon Zero Dawn and Frozen Wilds

Easily my favorite game this year. I talked about this game quite about in my “Game of the Year” discussion.  This game feels like time best spent with a game this year. I didn’t love it when I first beat it, but the DLC made me appreciate the base game that much more.

While I don’t think the story is anything amazing, I do think this game deserves to be played for the amazing world and the awesome combat. If they release more DLC for this game I will gladly play it. For now, I’m happy with my time spent in the game and I could easily go back in the future, likely before the sequel comes out.

You can find the link to the game of the year discussion here.

Total Playtime: 35 Hours.

Assassin’s Creed Origins

I’ve always been a fan of the Assassins Creed games, but I did feel some sort of fatigue after awhile and essentially stopped playing after AC 4. That being said, I was glad to go back to the world of Assassin’s Creed. Similar to Horizon Zero Dawn, the game world and the combat are the main strong points to Assassins Creed Origins. I think the story is a bit weak towards the middle and awkward at the end, but the beginning is strong and enticed me into playing.

I loved the changes to the combat system. It made the overall experience more interesting than just playing one style. In case of assassinations didn’t work out, it felt good going toe to toe with enemies. As much as I loved the game, I likely won’t replay it nor will I jump back in to play more content. There is game to be explored and I like seeing the interpretations of history, but I only need to see it once to appreciate it.

I gave the game a review which you can find here.

Total Playtime: 25 Hours.

Destiny 2

I reviewed Destiny 2 here. I enjoyed the campaign and had fun with it. But, I’m not going back to the game. There isn’t enough content to be played again unless you get the DLC, which has not been well received. I think the base game is better than the original Destiny base game, but the DLC has apparently hurt the overall experience. Unless some friends buy and play this down the road, I don’t feel compelled to play it again. I think I’ve actually deleted it from my PS4 hard drive. 

More thoughts on Destiny 2 here.

FFXIV Stormblood

I love FFXIV. I am up to something like 1130 hours in FFXIV. I keep up with the content when I’m not crafting my days away. I loved the Stormblood expansion. If you’ve played an MMO you know what to expect. It doesn’t do anything crazy or innovating. I love being in the world of Eorzea. I don’t think the actually playable areas are anything too exciting in Stormblood. The music is incredible and the story actually made me pay attention.

I usually mute the game and skip the cutscenes, but I focused on both during this expansion. All of my playtime has been spent on one character, I’m a ninja main, kind of. I maxed my crafting and gathering classes and always do when the level cap is raised. My love for mindless grinding knows no bounds with this game apparently. I am just infatuated with being at the top of my game when it comes to crafts. I’m on a bit of hiatus from the game right now but I always find time to return to Eorzea.

Current Playtime: 350 Hours this year.


While you can’t necessarily “beat” PUBG, I’m going to put it in the finished category because I’ve won enough games to feel like I figure it out.  The constant updates and the new map suckered me back in after I thought I was played out. There’s nothing like that chicken dinner, be it solo, duo, or squad. I love the shareability with this game.

I’m happy to share my wins with my friends when I’m solo and I’m happy to relive those moments when we play together. I think the only reason I’ve played this game so much is because I have like 9 or so people that play this regularly, so there’s always a squad to be found. I don’t think the game is anything amazing combat wise, I just think its fun. I will keep playing this game.

PUBG review here.

Current Playtime: 439 Hours.

Games I played

Persona 5

I’ve only played 27 hours of Persona 5, so far. I had the same issue with Persona 4 Golden where I would play it for a time and then drift away. I did that a couple times before I actually finished P4G. I am not worried about finished Persona 5. I will finish that game.

The game has a specific art style and nails it. Everything from the in-game graphics to the UI is phenomenal. I don’t love the characters like I did with P4G, but they are still varied and intriguing. I’ve only played to Persona games, so I’m always amazed at the depth of the combat. You can play it like a traditional RPG with weapons and take out enemies that way. Or you can play it like Pokemon and use your Personas to battle for you.

Actually, I wonder if you could just use one way of combat to finish the game? I doubt it, some people are probably good enough to do it though. Of course, using both is the only real solution, but I think the game would still complete if it went either way with the combat. I will complete this game eventually.

Current Playtime: 27 Hours.

Mass Effect Andromeda

I tried to love this game. I really tried. I didn’t have high expectations, I knew this game was being made by a different team than the original series, so I didn’t expect to love it. I just wanted to like it. I made it 25 hours before I quit. It’s the same thing over and over. Go to a planet, do nonsense sidequests on the planet then move onto next planet. Your party members aren’t interesting, so discussion with them is a chore.

The combat is fun. But, that’s about as far as it goes. The story is uninspired and serves to keep you moving from planet to planet. I tried replaying the game after discussing my love for the old games, but I just can’t. Too much nonsensical repetition. I will not go back and play this game.

More discussion on Mass Effect Andromeda here.

Total Playtime: 25 Hours.

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix

So, I’m one battle away from finishing the game. Yet, here it stands, in the unfinished category. I’m way underleveled for the final battle and don’t really want to grind out levels in order to finish. I’ve thought about going back but I beat the game on PS2 back in the day so I know what happens, which makes it hard to compel myself to grind for a few hours to finish it on PS4.

I loved Kingdom Hearts back I only knew about Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 on the PS2. I never knew about Chain of Memories on Gameboy Advance so to me Kingdom Hearts only existed on the PS2. The story became so convoluted with the release of 10 other games across 8 consoles that I sort of checked out with the series. (I don’t know how many games there are across however many consoles. Too many in both of those categories.)

I’m just going to pretend Kingdom Hearts is only 2 games, with the third in the series coming out in the next couple of years. I’m fan of the Kingdom Hearts story and the characters, along with the keyblade being a cool weapon, so I will for sure continue playing this series. I will play Kingdom Hearts 2 remix and I may even finish this game, eventually.  

Current Playtime: 18 Hours.

Ys 8: Lacrimosa of Dana

This was my first real Ys game. I want to love it. But, it’s fairly mindless after awhile. It becomes repetitive in the 1st chapter, not the prologue. Sure, I think the story is cool, but the downgraded graphics and simple combat don’t really inspire. I love the idea of the game and the building of a town in the game, but nothing feels impactful. The aesthetics change but that’s it. The enemy AI is fairly bad so it’s never really a challenge. However, the boss battles are really cool and fun to play.

My heart tells me I’ll keep playing this game because I should finish games that I buy. But, I don’t that will happen. I feel like there are too many good games out here to play to focus on an okay game. You can see how my opinions change over time with the link below.

More discussion of Ys 8 here.

Current Playtime: 10 Hours.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The weapons breaking and fairly empty world kill this game for me. I feel like I’m doing something wrong with Breath of the Wild to not love it. I’ve read countless reviews and discussions about this game, I just can’t seem to commit to it. I feel deep shame (not really) for not playing this game. By all accounts, I should enjoy it.

If it makes any sense, it’s the gamiest game I’ve played. You can climb everything, fly through the air. Everything is playable in some way. Every inch of this game serves a purpose. I don’t even know how that’s possible but it’s true. I’m not ready to give up on not playing this game. I will play it at some point. I feel like I have to.

Current Playtime: 10 Hours.

Stardew Valley

I bought this game on PC when it released, it just didn’t sit well with me. It wasn’t until I played it on the Switch that I enjoyed it. It feels at home on that console. The game feels great to play with some show on in the background. I don’t think I’ve ever played Harvest Moon or Rune Factory, which inspired Stardew Valley, so this is my first endeavor into games of that nature. I don’t want to downplay Stardew Valley by saying this, but the game is nice. It’s relaxing and fun, all at the same time.

If you want a game to destress Stardew Valley is perfect for that. I think some people might be overwhelmed with playing the game perfectly or maximizing farm space. For me, Stardew Valley is about having a good time gaming and not having to be good at a game to do it. If I wasn’t absorbed in Wheel of Time book series, I would be playing Stardew Valley before sleeping. I should really make time to play this instead of watching 2 hours of YouTube or Twitch streaming. I will keep playing this game. Slowly, but it will stay on my Switch permanently.

Current Playtime: 10 Hours.

Upcoming Content

I’ve got a bit more time in the coming month, so I’m going to talk about other games I played, that weren’t released this year on Wednesday, December 20th. And then move onto games I bought and games on my wishlist for Friday, December 22. So that’s one extra post compared to normal weeks. This will not be the norm, just a consideration for more time during the holidays.

I’d love to hear thoughts on gaming backlogged games and how you go about finish games.

Thanks for reading.


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