My 2017 Games: Part 2

I wanted to follow up Monday’s, December 18th,  post revolving around games that came out this year, with games I played that didn’t come out this year.

As per usual:

No Spoilers.

Non-2017 Games Played

No Man’s Sky

I’m sure like many other people, I didn’t like No Man’s Sky on release. I didn’t buy into the hype surrounding the game, I just didn’t enjoy it. Way too much grinding for very little payoff. Running across huge world’s only to find little resources made it miserable to play. I made it maybe 3 hours before I called it quits and just deleted from my PS4 hard drive and moving on with my life.

For some reason, I reinstalled in May of this year to find the game much more enjoyable. I spent a significant amount of time with No Man’s Sky the second time around. There was a point where I had no Internet access for a few months and this game just scratched the right itch. The grinding stayed, but I felt like I was grinding for something that would benefit me.

Trying to get that next ship from farming random plants in my poorly designed base or harvesting material on faraway planets in order to build more and better vehicles hooked me. After I got my first freighter, I found I planet I liked and put some roots down. I grinded (ground?) forever trying to get better and better multi-tools to increase my productivity before I realized the grind wasn’t fun anymore. I don’t mind mindless grinding, sometimes I enjoy it, but when the only reason is to keep getting better gear and ships, I checked out again.

I enjoyed my second time with No Man’s Sky quite a bit, but I feel like that’s a one-off thing. I see people posting pictures of cool bases on Reddit, and it makes me want to jump in again, before I realize the pay off just isn’t there. There just isn’t enough story to or other compulsions to continue playing. I would be more inclined if there was an end goal. I do feel like I got my money’s worth considering how much I played the game. I won’t be going back to No Man’s Sky.

Total Playtime: 50 Hours

Arma 3

Arma 3 saw some playtime this year before PUBG came out. I never played the Arma series for the main game, I was always in it for the mods. Day Z on Arma 2 and some Day Z or Arma 3. That was before a friend and I got invested in the multi-player aspects of Arma. Really, we just wanted a quick way to blow off steam, Arma 3 fits the bill perfectly. As long as you know the gameplay mechanics you can jump into a Battle Royale type of game, or the Wasteland style and have some fun.

I don’t think I got over 40 fps in Arma 3 so the gameplay never felt that smooth for me. It always felt clunky, which did end up pushing me away. I never got into the vehicle aspect of Arma so the maps always felt huge and fights were far between. I would have liked a smaller map where it was pure chaos all the time. If I wanted to just jump into a game with no pressure and shoot some stuff, Arma 3 served that purpose. With PUBG filling that void right now, I highly doubt Arma 3 gets played again.

Total Playtime (This Year): 20 Hours

Dark Cloud 2 PS4

I love Level-5 games. Well, I love starting them at least. Dark Cloud 2 (Dark Chronicle) is no exception. I started and played this game on PS2 and on PS4, I’ve yet to finish it. I still love it. I’m just never inspired to finish the game.

First, I love Max’s wrench as a weapon. It’s weird and unique. The Spheda, the fishing, the photography, the town building, I love it all. I just can’t get past 20 hours in any of the Level-5 games. I have no idea why.

Somehow, I skipped the original Dark Cloud and went straight to Dark Cloud 2. I don’t remember how it came into my life, probably my brother bought it and I saw him play it. I can’t even describe why I lose interest in these games because I really enjoy many aspects of Level-5 games. In my current playthrough, I’m probably halfway through chapter 4. I remember trying to grind out some weapon upgrades for Max and Monica before finishing the chapter and it’s stalling me.

I feel like you have to grind weapon upgrades in order to actually be useful in combat, and I hate being forced to grind in order to continue a game. I’ve never tried just continuing the game without grinding, so maybe it’s my own fault.

I don’t think the combat is anything amazing in the series, it’s fun to beat stuff with your wrench or shoot enemies out the sky with your gun and then switch out to Monica when you need her sword. For the most part, the combat is just one or two buttons in order to take out enemies. I don’t need combat to be interesting to enjoy a game though.

I just can’t finish these games. I’d love to figure out the root issue with my inability to continue with games, especially with games I like. Hopefully, I’ll figure out how to finish more games. Starting with Dark Cloud 2. I refuse to give up on Dark Cloud 2. One day.

Current Playtime: 15 Hours.

Witcher 3 PC

I’m not a Witcher expert in any shape of the word. I’ve only played The Witcher 3. I played and beat the main game on PS4. I think The Witcher 3 is one of the best games ever made. I saw a sale on the base game plus all the expansions on Steam and had to buy it. I installed a few mods to improve the game without making Geralt overpowered and then began another Witcher adventure on a new system.

I don’t use any of the Signs in the Witcher and focus specifically on the combat melee combat. I think it makes the game more difficult and I was forced to use some Signs on occasion, which is good. I think that the combat is deep and rewarding if played well because of the variety of combat styles that can be successful.

The way The Witcher 3 does side quests should be a requirement in any open-world RPG. I’m amazed by the developer’s ability to include seemingly random side quests in the full game story. I feel like everything matters in The Witcher 3. I think that some random monster contracts are exceptions to that, but for the most part. Even minute side quests tied into the main game.

I cared more about Ciri in The Witcher 3 than Geralt. Geralt is badass and an awesome character, but I enjoyed Ciri’s combat and story more so I tended to focus on her story rather than Geralt’s story. I love the development of the characters in the game as you progress. I never knew what was going to happen with Yennefer or Triss and felt like my choices really mattered. The choices I made helped me feel more involved in the story, rather than just viewing the story.

I’ve not played the PC version for that long, but there’s a ton of content for me to replay before getting into the expansions and really delving into more the Witcher story. I don’t think I’ll ever “finish” playing this game but I will definitely get back to it and see the DLC story.

Truthfully, the world is quite dense, too much for me to do. But, if I was a completionist and wanted to live in a world for 100 hours or longer, this would be that world.

I need to get back into this game.

Current Playtime (PC): 15 Hours.

What games do you play this year that didn’t come out this year?

Thanks for reading.


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