My 2017 Games: Part 3

Here’s my I spent too much money on games list. You can read this list as games I should not have purchased, at least I should not have purchased right away.

Purchased That Didn’t See Playtime

Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age

I have been a quest for a few years to beat all Final Fantasy games. I’m about 10 hours into FF6, so I’ve got FF7, FF8, and FF9 before I get to FF12. I’ve played ten a million times so I’m alright with skipping it. My point is that I’m around 100 hours minimum of Final Fantasy away from being able to play 12. I have a need to access all Final Fantasy games at all times apparently. I will play this game eventually.

Call of Duty: WW2

My addiction to Call of Duty runs deep. Much too deep. I played around 2 hours of the multiplayer and none of the campaign before I stopped playing it. I wanted to join some friends and play some mindless Team Deathmatch on occasion. But, I can’t even bring myself to do that. It just seems like a chore. I should at least play the campaign to get some of my money’s worth.

Middle-Earth Shadow of War

I genuinely wanted to play this when it came out. But, Assassins Creed Origins came out around the same time and I loved it. I hate playing games that similar back to back. So, Shadow of War had to take a backseat for awhile. I will definitely play this game, as I loved the first one, I’m just not sure when that will be.

Kingdom Hearts 2 Remix

The nostalgia runs deep with Kingdom Hearts. I can remember the day Kingdom Hearts 2 came out. It was the first game I ever preordered. I drove 45 minutes to pick it and it’s strategy guide up on release day. I remember looking at the guide while trying not to open it and spoil anything myself on that drive home. I played it from start to finish in about a week. I have no idea what the general Kingdom Hearts story is about anymore, but I know that I loved the Kingdom Hearts games on PS2.

When the collection of 1.5 and 2.5 came out, I had to have it. I played Kingdom Hearts 1 Remix fairly quickly, but then I could not get into Chain of Memories because of the odd combat. My plan was to play them all and have a better understanding of the story.  But I feel like that’s not possible. I’ve resigned myself to playing any games that play like the original PS2 games and that’s it. I’ll get around to actually playing Kingdom Hearts 2 again after I get over my hatred for the odd combat in the other games.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

Very bad timing for this game. I tried playing it on PC, but something odd happened with the graphics and it was unplayable. I couldn’t find a fix and I don’t want to have to spend hours fixing a game myself when it should work already. I was excited to play it on PS4 so I bought it on release, only to forgot it like so many other games. If I stop buying games and then just play my backlog for a year, then I might get to it. But if I’m being realistic it probably won’t happen.

Wishlist Games

Divinity: Original Sin 2

I really, really want to play this game. I wanted it to be on sale in the Steam Winter sale. Alas, my hopes have been dashed. Although, I’ve not really seen a single bad mention of this game across any sort of media.

People seem to have a deep love for this game. I think it looks really fun as well. The playtime is what’s putting me off though. I can play PUBG for hours on end for eternity, but I find it hard to focus on a campaign or narrative-driven games for an extended period of time.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

I’m not sure if this game counts for a wishlist. I’ve got it on PS Vita and if I played for around eight hours apparently. I don’t remember anything about it so I don’t know how I played eight hours. I could play it on the Vita, but apparently, the PC port has some really good quality of life fixes. The game feels good and plays well on the PlayStation Vita so I might just keep at it with Vita.

The depth of the combat, the world-building, and the characters all draw me into this series. I’ve not played Trails in the Sky, which has some involvement with this series, nor do I think I will play it. I don’t need all the small details of a story to feel content. If Trails of Cold Steel is four games long, I don’t think I need to play the three Trails in the Sky games to appreciate it.

I will actually play this game at some point, but maybe after I finish my Final Fantasy adventure. I lose focus if I play too many JRPGs at once.

Clearly, I have a problem with buying games and not playing them. Let me know if I’m alone in this.

Next week, starting on Christmas day, I’ll run down the games I’m looking forward to in 2018.

Thanks for reading.

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