More 2018 Games

So keeping up with the trend of shorter posts this week, today the discussion will revolve around games with official 2018 release dates. I’m trusting these games to come out in 2018 and don’t think they will slip to 2019.

God of War

Release Date: Sometime 2018

Will I Buy? Depends on review.

I’m not a God of War fan by any stretch. However, the new PS4 is shaping up to be fairly different from the previous games and I’m more intrigued than I was with the PS2 or PS3 games. The new God of War seems to be more story-oriented. I’m sure the story in the original games existed, but this seems to be the focus in the new game.

I’m excited to see how the world shapes up in this iteration. It feels like Santa Monica Studio is making a game with a world to match Horizon Zero Dawn. Watching the trailers it seems like the story is more on the rails than Horizon Zero Dawn. I’d be happy to experience my first real God of War game with a compact and well-told story with excellent gameplay. I’m certain the combat will go well, as this seems to be Santa Monica Studio’s forte. I am uncertain with how well the story will go only because I’ve not seen or heard of the storytelling prowess of this developer. I felt the same about Guerrilla Games and they delivered an amazing experience. I’m sure Santa Monica Studio can do the same.

State of Decay 2

Release Date: Sometime 2018.

Will I Buy? Day 1.

I only played a few hours of the original State of Decay but I enjoyed it immensely. I’m not sure why I didn’t play longer, probably due to zombie game burnout. But, I’m excited about the sequel. I’ve taken time away from anything zombie and when this game comes out, I’ll be ready for more zombie survival games.

I love base building and base upgrade systems in games, especially so in survival games. I enjoy the feeling of building something that’s mine within a game and putting my own stamp on the game. Of course, anyone who plays the game will be able to do the same thing, but that feeling of creation and ownership still remains.

I can’t recall anything about the original story, so I can’t speak to its importance. Nor do I think it matters with this style of game. I will play and enjoy it if the base building and fighting mechanics are enjoyable and keep me interested.

Mini-Review: The Legend of Dragoon

No Spoilers.

I find myself reminiscing during the holidays and I’ve found myself enthralled with Legend of Dragoon. I’ve only played the game once and I loved it. As for this playthrough, I’ve played around 18 hours across 3 days. I am absolutely enamored with this game. As soon as I am finished writing this I am going back into the game.

I might be halfway through the game so far as I’ve played a couple hours into Disc 3. The pace and combat is what keeps me interested. There is no downtime to focus on boring side quests or unnecessary grinding. I’ve spent a couple hours leveling people up, but that’s by choice I don’t see that as imperative to doing well in the game. I enjoy the button timing Additions of the combat, it makes the game more interactive. Although I’m not a fan of the Dragoon Level being hidden, its a minor gripe and doesn’t necessarily matter, just something I’d like to be seen.

I think that I might give this game a real review once I’m finished.

To finish off the week and the year I’ll talk about games I’m looking forward to in 2018 that I don’t see actually coming out that year. Sure, that’s a bit counterintuitive but the publishers claim 2018 release dates so that’s what I’ll go off.

Thanks for reading.


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