Last of the 2018 Games

Final post for the week and for the year, as it turns out. This post will talk about games that have 2018 release dates that I do NOT see coming out this year. I feel like its a little bit cheaty, but I didn’t want to include these games with others that I think will actually release this year.

No way these games come out in 2018.

Here we go.


Release Date: Fall 2018

Will I Buy? Depends on Review.

I know that right now EA is making some terrible decisions in regards to their games. But that doesn’t make me any less excited for Anthem. The trailer at E3 2017 looks phenomenal. I appreciate games that are designed to keep people playing for long periods of time. However, I can’t think of a game like Destiny or The Division that has hooked my friends and me for more than a month.

Sure, MMOs have the hook necessary but they also have their own subscription cost in order to pay for additions and changes to the game.

I want to like Anthem. The ability to customize a mech space suit, called Javelins, seems like an awesome way to make unique characters and craft different play styles. Playing through the world with 4 friends, perfect.

But, I will keep my distance until the game is released and I know microtransactions don’t ruin the experience. While I don’t have faith in EA. I do have faith in Bioware and Drew Karpyshyn to create and write amazing worlds, respectively.

Jurassic World Evolution

Release Date: Summer 2018

Will I buy? Day 1.

I love dinosaurs. My childlike fascination with them never went away. I didn’t play Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis much because I don’t think it played that well on PlayStation 2. That game likely feels more at home on the PC. Now that I’ve got a PC that can run it, I am happy to get another shot at a Jurassic Park builder.

I’m glad to have the Jurassic Park series back in my life in movie and game form. I just rewatched the announcement trailer for Jurassic World Evolution. I’m glad it’s officially licensed because the dinosaur sounds are just like Jurassic Park and anything else would feel like a knockoff.

From the developer, Frontier Development, I’ve only played Elite: Dangerous. I don’t have much opinion of them as a developer. It seems that Planet Coaster, their recent construction/management game reviewed well, so I can hope they keep that good record going.

Apparently we can build new dinosaur breeds, so hopefully I can finally build that tricycloplots.

Skull and Bones

Release Date: Fall 2018

Will I Buy? Depends on Reviews.

I’m not surprised to see Ubisoft take a great concept from Assassin’s Creed 4 and apply it to its own game. Besides Origins, Assassins Creed 4 was the last AC game I played and I loved it. The shanties, the whale hunts, and the ship battles created a fun atmosphere for a game.

While I the ships are generally clunky in games, I’m intrigued by Skull and Bones. I think if done well it could be an excellent game. At the same time, I worried that having it all about ships will make the actual gameplay less interesting and be repetitive. I’m not sure how a game about pirate ships will progress and introduce new mechanics as the game shapes up.

Some of the things listed on the game’s website sound really cool, but I worry about how it functions. For example, apparently, the world adapts to players and changes with them, if the game is multiplayer that means a number of people are influencing the game. I’m just not sure how that will work.

I’m cautiously optimistic about a lot of games coming out in 2018. There are a few games I’ll buy for sure, in the meantime, I’ll just keep playing PUBG until something better comes along.

What games are you looking forward to in 2018 and what games will you keep playing until those games come out?

As always,

Thanks for reading.

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