Welcome to 2018.

Welcome to 2018.

Thank you. If you’ve visited this site in any way, thank you. I appreciate your time.

Ready Rockabye is a passion project. I love the gaming medium and wanted to finally put out some of my own thoughts about the industry.

For the past couple of months, I’ve done a variety of posts from game reviews to discussions about game types, and general thoughts in the gaming industry. I’ve enjoyed the structure and the content style.

My original pace of one game review every two weeks is not really feasible. Sometimes I play a game and then never finish it. I can’t do a review of a game I don’t finish. I feel like that’s not fair to the game. I want to maximize my time gaming and never want to force myself to finish a game if I’m not enjoying it. So sometimes I’ll put 25 hours into a game and then leave it unfinished. And my love for PUBG knows no bounds and I usually end up playing that anyway.

That being said, I do want to have some type of content where I can produce videos and actually talk about games (not just write about games) and incorporate YouTube more into my content. I haven’t quite figured out how I to do that so I will keep you posted when I decide how to do that.

Maybe fewer game reviews and maybe just more thoughts on what I’m playing, even if unfinished. (How those two things are different is beyond me, but I like how it sounds.)

Let’s talk about what I will be doing in 2018.

I’m going to keep the Monday and Friday schedule. I like having content ready at the beginning and end of the week.

I don’t think I’ll have specific content set for those days anymore, just ensure something goes up on Monday and Friday.

However, I do want to delve into more research, historical components of gaming. For example, I’m fascinated by game developers and their stories so I want present more information about them. I think we can learn a lot about games from learning who creates them. I’ve mentioned it before, I love starting Level-5 games but I never finish. I want to see if I can figure out why or what their games have that draw me in but never make me stick around to finish them. So I’ll look into a history of Level-5 games (console games) and talk about the game’s reception and who the key players are in the studio to find commonalities, as an idea.

Otherwise, Ready Rockabye will continue as “normal.”

Again, thanks for reading. I’m not sure what will be posted this Friday, January 5th, but something will definitely go up.

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