Thoughts on Legend of Dragoon

So, I’ve been playing The Legend of Dragoon lately. I don’t remember much of the story from when the game originally released. I remember some characters and the combat system, but everything else feels like a new game.

And I love it. I think it’s becoming my second favorite JRPG, after Final Fantasy X of course. I’m finding a common theme for some of my favorite games: the pace of the story.

Even with the game being so old, No Spoilers.

I get really burnt out with games if they “require” long time investment in order to accomplish the main goal. I lose focus, as I’ve discussed many times before. When a game tells me a story and doesn’t distract me with sidequests or collectibles, I find myself more engrossed.

With Legend of Dragoon, there are very little side-quests. However, the sidequests you do encounter require a fair bit of grinding. When I had to grind I pushed the game into a secondary form of entertainment while I watched some Star Wars The Clone Wars.

I’ve been grinding additions and getting some dragoon levels on all of the characters in order to get money for armor so that I can effectively beat one particular sidequest. I’ve spent roughly 10 hours grinding in order to accomplish those goals.

I have just finished grinding and accomplished the sidequest so I’m ready to move on. However, I ran into a bug or something. I can’t progress the story because the random NPC I need to talk to will not prompt in the manner that he should. It’s only going to set me back a couple of hours because I have an earlier save to reload, thankfully. So, I’m bit frustrated with the game at the moment.

***EDIT*** There was no bug. I just failed to accomplish something that was required before I could continue.

Besides my own choice to grind, I don’t think you need to grind at all in order to roll those credits. You are always moving in the game. You are either moving from one town to another or fighting a boss and I love it.

I don’t have to rely on leveling between main story bosses. This game has made me realize that I appreciate a fast-paced story, more than a good one. That isn’t to say I don’t appreciate good stories in games because I love a good story. But, I’m never going to experience the entire story if I get bored sometimes with the game. Maybe that’s on me. But, I think I game story should be told and paced well enough to keep us focused.

I’m going to dive back into it in order to actually finish a game for once. I’m close to the end, considering I’m on disc 4 and will finish here shortly. Hopefully before Monday the 8th.

Until then, thanks for reading.

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