Gaming Backlog

Or as I like to call it, buying games and never playing them. It’s a horrible habit that I have. However, I feel like since I didn’t buy anything in the Steam Winter Sale that I’m making progress.

Short Post this week: I was not ready for the chaos the week presented. I should have more time next week to actually have more content prepped. I’m still brainstorming what developer I want to dive into for a deep look. I’ll likely keep that post in one section rather than it up into multiple posts.

How do I even manage a backlog? I have a fear of missing out and feel like if I don’t buy/play a game at launch day I’m losing something, which is absurd. Frankly, it’s stupid. I’m well aware that I’m not gonna play some games as soon as they launch, yet I’ll purchase them anyway.

Shadow of War, Call of Duty: WW2, Kingdom Hearts 2.5, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen and Wolfenstein: The New Order sit on my PS4 dashboard taunting me and my poor life decisions. That’s just limited to the PS4. My Steam library is filled with games that I’m sure I’d love I just find it hard to commit to one game.

Ideally, I’ll stop buying games and then finish my backlog before buying more. And logically that makes sense. It just doesn’t happen.

I should really institute a real that I need to beat three or maybe five games before I buy another. It’s a waste of money to continually purchase digital games and then just have them be there for no reason.

Okay, that’s enough of me complaining. I’m going to commit to that rule. I’ll complete at least 3 games before I buy any more. Looks like I’ve got some gaming to do before I can purchase Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth-Hacker’s Memory on January 19, or a week from today.

Now let me think…what games do I have that I can beat in a short amount of time?

How do you manage your backlog? Hopefully better than me.

Thanks for reading,

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