Nintendo as a Software Developer

I want to see Nintendo move away from hardware and focus entirely on software. I think that they are some of the best developers in the business and their games deserve to be played by more people. And I’m not even that much of a fan of Nintendo’s properties.

As I’ve mentioned before, I couldn’t get into Breath of the Wild and I don’t have any intention to play Mario Odyssey. But, while most major developers in the industry dilute their games with garbage microtransactions, Nintendo just makes great games.

Like many (or the few?) Playstation faithful, I love the PlayStation Vita and the Nintendo Switch is just a better version of the Vita. It just doesn’t have all the games I want to play…yet. I have hope that with the success of the Switch, over time we’ll start to get more and more games that I do want to play and even some games that were put out to die on the Wii U.

Maybe I’m the wrong person to put this out there, but, I think for the most part, Nintendo does software infinitely better than they do hardware. They always lag behind in terms of hardware capabilities. With Switch being the exception considering 720p looks fantastic on a handheld. However, I think their main line controllers never feel quite as good as the offerings from Microsoft or Sony.

I’m sure the issue of moving from hardware and software to just software is incredibly complicated, I just think it would be better for gamers that way. Which I think could be true of any console exclusivity. I’m willing to bet more people are familiar with Nintendo games than anything else and would buy Mario and Zelda games significantly more if they were on all platforms.

I think that Microsoft and Sony have built better online infrastructure than Nintendo can at this point. Nintendo lags far behind when it comes to online gaming. I don’t just mean games that are playable online. I mean that Sony and Microsoft offer way more functionality when it comes to playing with friends online with voice chat and trophies/achievements.

Does Nintendo even have a party system at this point? Or is that what is supposedly coming later this year? And the friend codes? Please just let us type in someone’s username and add them that way. Friend codes are nonsense.

Back on topic. Even as an owner of the Nintendo Switch, I’d prefer to play Nintendo games on a different platform. I hate having to buy games based on consoles. Two many cables and boxes take up space and then you have to choose what console you want based on what games you want. Shouldn’t we buy able to choose what games we want, period?

It’s hard for me to think of gaming as an individual endeavor anymore. If I want to play with friends, I have to then pick a console that they use. Most people aren’t going to have multiple consoles which creates another divide between players.

I’d love for more people to be able to play Nintendo’s games so that more people can appreciate good game development and a lack of microtransactions.

Followup! I did complete my goal of finishing three games before buying a new one. I like that goal and I’m going to stick with it. It make’s me clear out my backlog and get more value out of my money and I think my time.

I’ve finished COD: WW2 in campaign form, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, and Journey. Call of Duty got a review, and I’m thinking one more of those games will as well.

I’d love to hear from people who are more ingrained in the Nintendo ecosystem and see their thoughts on Nintendo as a software only company.

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