My Monster Hunter: World Experience

I’ve entered the realm of Monster Hunter for the first time with the release of Monster Hunter: World and I’m having a great time. I didn’t expect to like the game as much as I do, but here we are. I’m only taking a break so that I can write about the game and accomplish other real-world tasks. Otherwise, I’m back in as soon as possible.

I’ve hit the 10-hour mark fairly easily and I’m likely not very far in the game. I have an addiction to getting awesome gear and this game is chalk full of cool stuff. I’ve been using the Dual Swords, but I’ve been stuck with one particular set for a long time so I feel like I should progress the story a bit more. Just as soon as I upgrade this last piece of armor.

I feel like the game isn’t too complicated to get into where I’ve heard the learning curve can be quite steep. I’ve not had too many problems getting to know the game mechanics or the monsters vital points and fighting styles.

I did have some issue with one monster in particular but as soon as I switched up my gear to better defend myself against this particular element, it was definitely less of a problem. I tried just brainless bashing away multiple times before I figured out that I was insane and had to mix things up a bit.

I will say that I feel like I had to watch a couple videos about the difference between quests, investigations, and bounties. I was doing quests on repeat to get what I want instead of using investigations as a secondary source of materials. The game doesn’t really go into detail about the investigations, so you have to learn by doing or just go watch a YouTube video or two about how the game works.

On top of investigations, I’m, not sure when, if ever, we are told about bounties, which serve as weekly tasks. Bounties have you hunting down multiple of the same monster and then a variety of monsters in a specific class, like flying or piscine wyvern. I’m still working on completing some so I don’t know the rewards exactly, but I imagine there at least somewhat good.

I’ve yet to really try out multiple weapons because I’ve been enjoying the Dual swords, but I think I might try out Bow or a couple others to see if I would enjoy the game more with a different weapon type.

Having never played Monster Hunter before, I’m glad there are no skills or experience. That may be obvious to a veteran of the series, but to me, its refreshing just to have to worry about armor and weapons as the major focus of power for characters. You just learn the weapons you have and then upgrade when necessary.

I touched on it earlier, but the fact that I had to change out armor in order to accomplish a fight speaks to how well this game is balanced. You can’t just brute force a monster and use the same tactic with everything. You have to switch up the items and battles from each enemy in order to be successful.

The game looks incredible as well. Well, besides the characters who look good. The monsters and the areas look great. The change in lighting between different areas also helps to contrast the environment. If you’re high up in the trees, you can see more light and more of the world around you. And the opposite is true for lower to the ground.

That might seem a bit obvious but I think being able to recognize differences in areas with lighting really adds to the depth of the game. I’m never wondering about my location because the game gives me clues and lets me.

I’m enjoying everything about this game and it’s taking over my mind a little bit. I think about it when I can’t play. I definitely think about it when I should be focusing my attention on other things.

This is the first game to take my mind away from PUBG and I hope it keeps my interest for a long time.

For now, I need to go finish up the last piece of armor before I try out some new weapons and move on with the story.

Thanks for your reading,

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