Monster Hunter: World Part 2

I played and “finished” Monster Hunter: World in about 27 hours. I am addicted to this game.

I’m so addicted I completely forgot about writing about it and just played. So here I am a day late to keep talking about my Monster Hunter Experience.

I feel like even though I’ve finished the story portion of the game, I’m barely scratching the surface. I’m still encountering new monsters and I still have 13 other weapons to play.

I’m really enjoying the pacing and structure of Monster Hunter. Even if I play for hours on end, I can actually play one investigation and make some progress towards new weapons or armor, which is a great feeling.

I never feel like the game doesn’t respect my time. I get bored with games if I feel like I’m doing things and not getting rewarded. Monster Hunter has a unique way of making the combat feel like the whole game and its reward. I’m happy to grind out different monster parts because each fight is different and can be played a variety of ways.

I’ve just barely unlocked the high-rank hunts so I’ve just come into the “end game.” I hesitate to actually call it endgame because you are really just learning about the game through the story. There are more high-rank monsters than the low rank and the game really starts to open up and present new challenges at the high-rank point.

I’m not sure how much more difficult the high ranks are yet, but I’ve barely touched the high-rank hunts. I’ve focused on getting some armor for the beginning high-rank hunt and just now accomplished that. I’ll start working on some armor and hunts in order to keep progressing.

It’s fun to min-max gear to do that much better for specific fights. You are supposed to match armor skills with how you want to play, but I’m too obsessed with having complete armor sets. I’ll switch it up when I can’t finish fights. For now, I’ll just keep looking awesome.

I’ve stuck with my Dual Blades for the majority of the game and I don’t see myself changing anytime soon. I think I’ll use something else as I play with friends and get them progressing the game.For now, I love the speed and the playstyle of the Dual Blades. I know how they work and I know how fights function using them.

I feel like the game changes completely when using different weapons which really speaks to the balance of the weapons and the intelligence of the monster ai. Sure, you can learn fights and do then fairly easily after you learn them, but sometimes monsters have some crazy mechanics that make the game that much more interesting.

Overall, I’m really enjoying my time with Monster Hunter: World and can’t see myself giving it up anytime soon. For the first time, I understand why people end up playing these games for hundreds if not thousands of hours. It’s just fun and there’s always something to accomplish.

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