Cuphead and Dragon Ball FighterZ, thoughts from an outsider.

While I’m still playing Monster Hunter: World I need to take some time to write about something else for my own sanity and to stave off the addiction of monster murdering. This will probably seem like a peculiar post. I want to talk about two games I’ll likely never play. Cuphead and Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Why am I talking about these games then?

Well, I think they both look fantastic. I’ll break it down why below.


The game looks difficult and I’m not a fan 2D graphics. I’m not a fan of super difficult games either so I’m going to avoid playing Cuphead. It doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the style and music of the game though.

I think the game looks amazing. The game looks exactly like a cartoon from the 1930s. I couldn’t be more impressed with their ability to emulate that style so well. I’m surprised a game was able to capture that moment in time to something of this scale. The color palette lends well to the theme without going overboard or trying to do something hyper-realistic.

The sound could not be better. The sound effects and music match up with the aesthetic perfectly. Every piece of this game matches with the other aspects incredibly well.

I’m really impressed with the developers, StudioMDHR, and their ability to create a game with this much character. The game is clearly well developed.

Dragon Ball FighterZ:

I’m not a huge DBZ fan nor do I like fighting games much. But if I did, I would certainly play this game.

I’m not even sure how this game was made to look so good. The game is probably the best looking DBZ anything.

I would love for a show that looked like this. It is crisp and colorful.

Everything from the in-game effects to the small videos looks superb and really displays love and attention by the developers, Arc System Works. I’ve never played any of their games so if this level of quality is consistent from game to game that is seriously impressive.

The characters moves and effects sound just like the show, if not better. I’m surprised they are able to capture that sound that close to the source material. Even if they have the same sound used in the show, I’m still impressed. It seems to line up well.

If I enjoyed these types of games I would definitely be playing them. Even with my lack of appreciation for these style of games, I’m still tempted to play them. Must resist and let my logical brain win out.

For now, it’s back to Monster Hunter: World for me.

Thanks for reading.


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