More PUBG talk. The bad and the worse. Kind of, but not really.

The extended break from talking about Monster Hunter: World continues now.

Let’s talk about PUBG’s new map, the current gameplay, and where the game is headed.

TL,DR at the bottom.


While many people complain about the new map and how it spreads the game out, I enjoy the variety. I’m not the biggest fan of Miramar in PUBG, but I can appreciate having something new to look at even if it’s just dirt.

Miramar has a lot of problems but I don’t think it’s that much worse than Erangel.

I think there is an issue with the white zone spawning in similar locations more often than not, leaving us wondering what exactly the north-eastern part of the map really looks like. I see far more central or western finishes than anything else, which makes the game start to feel the same after awhile.

The map structure is a bit odd. You can’t really drive vehicles reliably offroad and even then the roads are a toss-up. Basically, don’t drive. But, then you’ll die to the blue zone before you make it to the safe area. Therein lies the major problem with the map. You need vehicles but you can’t really use them. It makes the game feel drawn out.

Players really want to slow down and have to worry about traveling safely. They want to get some guns and fight. Running for 20 minutes a game is not fun.

I think the height differences and the map layout allow for different fights than Erangel. I find myself using a sniper rifle much more on Miramar in comparison. Of course, I’m never going to turn down a sniper rifle, it just feels more useful with the long sight lines of sand land.

The new buildings present different opportunities and challenges. I don’t think its possible to learn every building as intimately as we do in Erangel. There is more variety in layout which I think creates more varied gameplay and tactics. I’m glad to see buildings have more than 3 levels. While they take more time to loot, clearing a building isn’t as easy and forces you to play a little more cautiously. I appreciate varied gameplay.

Overall, I’m glad to have Miramar as an option, even if there are alot of problems with the map.

Changes to the Game.

While technically the PUBG is officially released, it feels far more alpha than ever before. This recent update, called PC update #5 sees us playing the worst version of PUBG yet, at least from my perspective.

I would be more patient with gameplay bugs and server issues if the game was still in early access. Honestly, saying the game is “released” is a joke and a giant publicity stunt. The game is nowhere near complete or good enough to warrant a full release.

Anecdotal evidence aside, I seem to freeze up and am unable to reconnect every fourth game in the recent update. On top of a new bug where I can’t reload my guns or they disappear from my screen entirely.

I know the ambient sounds have been in the game for awhile but for the love of all things Yevon, I hate the water dripping sounds. It’s designed to sound like player footsteps and make you pay more attention to your surroundings, rather than just relying on sound.  Maybe balance the sound properly so it’s less of an issue instead of tricking players into thinking you’re balancing the by creating band-aids for poor development.

Thankfully, they fixed the sound of the red zone. I was just muting the game entirely whenever I was close to the red zone before so I’m glad I no longer have to do that, at a reasonable volume. If sound in the game is too loud at a medium setting, that’s an issue with the game, not the player. With these changes to the red zone, you can set the sound to medium, hear footsteps and then not die from sound overload from the red zone.

Also, we need to find a good balance between the guns. The 7.62 weapons are generally pretty poor. I don’t bother picking up the AKM or the SKS anymore. They just don’t work well. The SKS is designed to be a semi-automatic sniper rifle, I guess, but its aim is off. It doesn’t seem to fire accurately or align with its reticle. And it has been pointed out the AKM doesn’t even aim to the reticle any time you ADS. Those guns need to be reevaluated.

I think people generally tend to use the M4 and the Scar as everyday weapons and then will use others situationally. I understand online games have a certain “meta” associated with different patches, and that’s totally fine. But, I feel like Call of Duty understood weapon balance ten years ago. I think we can find a way to balance guns so all of them have their advantages in 2018.

PUBG in the Future.

The game should not have had its full release yet. It isn’t ready and it isn’t well done. That doesn’t stop me from playing it almost every day.

I’ve clocked close to 600 hours now, and that trend will likely continue. I take breaks when I get frustrated or my friends need some time off. But, for the most part, my addiction remains intact, for better or worse.

I enjoy the game when it works and I think its really fun. I still love chatting with my friends in Discord while we game, it’s just that sometimes I like it a little less.

Apparently, we’ve got a new map in the works that are likely to come out way later in the “release” development of the game.

I’m happy for them to balance the current game and maps to a point where bugs and servers issue is no longer a thing. I’d like to see the current weapons rebalanced to give them all more viability before they add anything new.

I just want fixes to current issues and I’ll be happy. The game is fun and I don’t think we need a million maps to play on to enjoy ourselves. I’m sure I’m not alone in that thinking. Create some more play zone or plane variation and I think the game will feel different enough each game to feel like a new map. I’d love to see more endings in the North on Erangel and Miramar both, with a focus in the northwest on Erangel and the northeast on Miramar.

In short, make the game better. Give people more time to playtest the patches before pushing them out to live and get rid of the bugs. Then, I’ll be happy.

TL;DR PUBG still addicting, still bugs.

As I’m still playing Monster Hunter, I think I might go back to talking about it on Monday. I’m about 48 hours now, which is about 20 hours more than the last time I checked in.

Thanks for reading.


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