Monster Hunter: World Part 3

While I am not quite ready to give Monster Hunter: World the “official” review treatment, I am back at it again with some thoughts on the game.

Apparently, I’m up to about 58 hours of game time and I don’t know it happened. I just sort of keep playing and keep that grind going. I just now got to the last area of the game and I know I’ve yet to encounter all the monsters.

That is kind of exciting. I’m glad to have this much play time and not have seen all it has to offer.

As soon as I get to the $1 per hour of game time I call a game “worth.” Considering I’ve only had Monster Hunter: World for barely over two weeks I am quite content with my purchase.

I know I’ve mentioned it before but I can easily so how people invest so much time into the game. A. The game is fun. B. The grind is a good time, especially with friends. “Mastering” how to kill certain monsters lends to my appreciation for the game overall.

I stuck with Dual Blades throughout the game and really enjoy their playstyle the offer. I don’t like having to waste time blocking, flying through the air, or playing music so the Dual Blades just let me attack constantly and get stuff done.

I’m just now starting to understand the armor skills and how to pair them with weapons to align with your playstyle and further enhance your abilities. I’m still working on completing some Alpha armor sets before I start getting deep into the Beta armor and really customize my character and style.

I love the game-play loop presented. Kill, learn, craft, and kill again. It feels great being constantly rewarded for playing the game and actually putting in time. From my time with Destiny and Destiny 2, games with a similar armor and upgrade system, I didn’t always get rewarded for investing my time playing.

That doesn’t happen with Monster Hunter: World. I always feel like I’m making progress or actually doing something. I’m just happy to play the game. It’s fun and challenging enough without being frustrating. I’ve not really run into a fatigue with the game either. I just keep playing and I will for a while before I stop in order to play it again on PC with a different group of friends.

TL, DR: Fun game, I will keep playing. Definitely worth a buy.

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