5 More PUBG Tips

Let’s talk PUBG. I think if you’ve been playing PUBG you’ve probably been playing for a many hours. Here are some of my “advanced” tips for people who want to get better at the game. While my mechanics are good, I know people will have better mechanics than me so I try to out think enemy players and be better prepared for a variety of situations. 

  • Never fill your inventory.

You don’t want to be caught looting some player you just killed by a sniper shot from 600 meters away because you were figuring out what stuff to get and what to drop. You don’t need more than 3 extra magazines of ammo. I try to stay under 150 for each SMG and Assault Rifle. For snipers, I’ll keep anywhere from 50-75 rounds. If you die from a fight your amount of ammo is irrelevant. But, if you win a fight, people will always have 7.62 and 5.56 ammo meaning you can pick up what you used to take them out.

Bandages never go above 10. By the time the mid game rolls around you’ve likely found medkits.

Medkits, painkillers, and soda are harder to judge. I think maxing out at 5 medkits is fine. But then you can have however much painkillers and soda that you want. If you like to play in the blue (don’t do that) you need those to keep you alive.

Just make sure to keep safe in your backpack so you can pick up what you need and move on from a box as fast as possible. I’ve played with many people who loot for minutes and then get stuck with trying to figure out what they want. Make a decision and do it fast.

  • Always be moving.

I mean always. Yes, of course, there are exceptions to the real but for the most part, you should never sit still. Especially when looting another player. Keep those fingers on WASD and dance around randomly. It’s only safe to sit still and think about your next play if you are in a building with cover from all sides. Otherwise, just keep going. Anywhere. Especially in fights.

The best players move position in all game types. If you hit someone with a sniper shot, reposition while they heal, because they will, and then take another shot to finish them off. If the other players never knew where they are getting shot from, they won’t be able to fire back.

If you’re in a squad, have your team pin down the enemy squad while you reposition to get a better shot. Just make sure you’re hidden while you reposition. Don’t run right at the enemy team to reposition. Back off and make your way around a hill or somewhere unseen. Don’t give them the information necessary to be successful, you want everything on your side.

  • Stop playing in the blue zone.

Unless you’re winning games easily, playing in the zone will make it more difficult for you to win. You don’t want to take unnecessary damage.  While there are occasions where you can get kills from the blue zone as other players think they’re safe, I think you’re better off tracking the blue zone and keeping just inside it. People don’t really pay attention to their backs, so you can use the blue zone as a way to create a false sense of security.

  • Positioning and line of sight.

When you aren’t moving, you should really know where you can get shot from. People can easily sneak up on you while you fight in a building so just be wary of entry points and windows. Stop sticking your gun outside the window and giving the world easy access. If you are shooting out a window make sure that only the people you are fighting can see you. Too many times I’ve walked up on a fight only to take both kills because neither player had any idea about their surroundings.

If you are fighting in the wild, try to keep something at your side or your back so that you can run away and/or prevent other people from coming up on you suddenly. If you have a rock for cover, try to keep one side of you always safe. Getting shot from multiple positions is no fun.

Just try to be aware of your line of sight and if other people can see your position.

  • Be patient

Sure, there are occasions where you want to rush in and fight everybody, but patience wins. The first one to move loses.

When you’re in the last few circles try to think about your path before you move so that you are moving into the circle last and can use the blue zone as a backdrop. People can’t survive in the blue zone for very long in the last couple of circles so unless they don’t care about winning you don’t need to worry about people in the blue. Having said that, always be wary of people running out of the blue. Getting killed by some random person in the blue is the worst. Just keep your eyes open.

Next up on the docet

I’m going to keep up with the PUBG tips as I think about them. I’ve got a couple more I want to mention, I just want to keep this short.

Try these out and let me know how it goes.

Thanks for reading.


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