God of War Review

I had to take an extended break from the site to focus on finishing college. Now that I’m done, I should have a better schedule to refocus on the site.

For now, I’ve got a God of War review ready to go. Full disclosure: Like many other reviews for God of War, I think the game is incredible.

Thanks for reading. TL,DR at the end as per usual.

No Spoilers.

God of War_20180513143018.png


For a game that only uses a single weapon, besides a shield and fists, the combat is entertaining and engaging. Gameplay has always been a focal point for the series and this game is no different. Kratos is blatantly a god of war and it’s awesome.

The variety of enemies and different weapon skills allow for a variety of combat throughout the game. You can change and apply skills as necessary to adapt to the situation or just pick some that you enjoy. I’m glad to see Santa Monica Studio used Atreus in the combat as well.

As the characters learn new skills and more about the world around them, their abilities develop in tandem. Atreus starts out having very little use in combat but I grew to appreciate him more and more as the game progressed.

I think many people will dislike the change from the blades that Kratos used in previous games but the axe feels great and offers some fun challenges and mechanics.

You can throw the axe, have Atreus shoot some enemies with arrows, and call the axe back to you while you parry an attack with the shield and smash some draugr in the face when the axe returns to your hand.

I found myself looking forward to more and more combat. I tend to play games because I love the presentation of stories, but this is one of the few occasions where I just wanted to play the game so I could keep bashing the enemies with a flying axe while Atreus lands on their hand and stabs them.

I love the weapon skills because you can play completely different based on the skills you have set up. The skills vary from melee to area, to aimed and ranged. The variety allows you to pick and choose your play style. You could probably play the entire game by only using ranged skills and throwing your axe if you so choose.

God of War_20180513214444.png


Everything in this game looks incredible. The colors and vibrant and varied and the lighting enables nuance to the background and game scenes. The transition from gameplay to video is seamless and I often wondered if I was still controlling Kratos, or if I was just watching things happen.

The main play area’s visuals change with location and topography. Mountains feature snow and feel colder, the lake setting feels warmer with greener grass and trees permeating the edges.

I never noticed any FPS slow down even playing in 4k, the game always felt great so the graphics always looked great.

While some enemies were looked the same from place to place, I felt like there was enough variation so that I never really got bored looking at the enemies throughout the game.

As I mentioned earlier the lighting really makes the graphics stand out that much more. The change from vibrant green forests to darkened caverns felt enjoyable. The lighting felt accurate to reality. On occasion, I found myself wondering where the light emanating from Kratos originated but I probably just missed something in the text at one point.

God of War_20180514110831.png


I didn’t notice any music in the game so it neither detracted or added to the experience.

However, the voice acting and combat sounds were on point.

The two main characters, Kratos and his son Atreus, sounded and acted very different (obviously) in tone and mannerisms. You see Atreus try to emulate his father but that’s to be expected from the characters and it made sense for the story.

Christopher Judge and Sunny Suljic nailed the performance of their respective characters. Kratos is a hulk of a man and having Christopher Judge provide the deep bass added to the character of Kratos.

I believed Atreus was a real person based on Sunny Suljic portrayal. Both of them did a fantastic job creating depth to each of their characters.

I don’t want to spoil anything with who is actually in the game but every voiced actor did great work for this game and I’m impressed by every one of them.

I never felt sound deprived either. The characters and the world always added something important to the narrative or to the environment. Each bird chirp or tree groan felt timely and


The axes throws and slashes felt weighty and the sound echoed that. You could feel the crunch and interactivity of the combat because the sound echoed the visuals.

The enemies had unique and varied sounds so I always knew who was attacking or moving to attack based on their sound alone. If something was sneaking up behind Kratos you can hear Atreus yell what’s happening or you can hear the battle cry of whatever enemy lurks out of vision.

Each aspect of the sound is fantastic.

God of War_20180514124023.png


I’ll be purposely vague the story because I don’t want to reveal too much. I think the story is fun and how the story is presented consistently adds to the depth of the game.

I was compelled to beat this game as quickly as possible because I was so enthralled with the story. It isn’t grandiose or overwrought, it’s practical and engaging. The dialogue of the characters adds to the overall story because we never stop learning about the characters and the backstory.

Kratos and Atreus are always talking or something is always happening that helps us learn about the story.

The longer the game goes the more you understand about the world and why the duo ends up where they do.

The dialogue between father and son help us understand the way this world works as they talk about the events as they unfold.

In a series where combat reigns supreme, the story moves to front and center and takes us on a great ride from start to finish.

God of War_20180514132015.png


I’m coming off an entire semester of learning about mythology and Norse mythology has always been one of my favorites so it’s safe to say I was thoroughly impressed with the world-building.

You can explore every nook and cranny of this beautifully imagined realm. As I mentioned earlier, each location feels different and adds to the depth. I wanted to find everything possible in this game. I found myself exploring each section of the game over and over because the more you find the more you learn about the world.

Each collectible or thing to find jolts a conversation between Kratos and Atreus. That sidequest you did 10 hours ago moves to the front of your thoughts as you find the place you heard about so long ago.

The weather and environment change over time as events unfold. The skies darken and rain starts to pour as certain events trigger the world to react to the impact of Kratos.

The backstory, the mythology, the story, the graphics, the characters, everything comes together to create this fully imagined where to envelop players in imagination.

God of War_20180515221150.png


I have four platinum trophies across PS3, Vita, and PS4. One of them is God of War. I rarely continue games after I finish them or roll credits. Even more rarely do I feel to pick up that coveted, and meaningless, shiny platinum trophy to showcase on my account.

This is probably one of my favorite games ever. I can’t speak highly enough about this incredible game. I just think everyone should play it, like right now.

TL, DR: Incredible game from start to finish. Rarely are games made so well.

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