Definitely not a Call of Duty: Black Ops III Review. And definitely a new Review section.

Not A Black Ops III Review

Don’t play Black Ops III if you haven’t. That’s the TL,DR for this post.

If my Modern Warfare 2 playtime, 1344 hours, is any indication, I used to consider myself an “expert” in the series. Either I got really bad at FPS on consoles…or Call of Duty games just got worse.

After playing and finishing Black Ops III, I have finally realized that Call of Duty is not what it once was. I’ve said many times that I’m finished with the series, “Never to return.” Maybe this time is different.Call of Duty®_ Black Ops III_20180527103932.png

I’ve been disappointed by multiplayer Call of Duty every year after Black Ops II. Even the remake of Call of Duty: 4 was a disaster. 

I’ve enjoyed the campaigns as mindless fun far longer than I should. I thought the WW2 campaign was bad. And it was.  Black Ops III is worse.

What I don’t understand is how Treyarch goes from being THE CoD studio, after the fall of Infinity Ward post-MW2, to making the worst Call of Duty campaign ever.

It seems like Treyarch lost their identity. I feel like they tried to copy Spec Ops: The Line and some random Assassin’s Creed nonsense. Tried and failed. Black Ops III is jumbled at best. The story tries to mess with your head and just fails horribly.

Call of Duty®_ Black Ops III_20180527185538.png

Dear Call of Duty Devs, just make an interesting shooter about taking down some big bad, please. Or don’t considering the campaign is gone in Black Ops IIII. I don’t need some inherently amazing story to keep me interested in the campaign. Just don’t force me to try to comprehend some convoluted mess of a narrative either.

Not to mention the game plays worse than any Call of Duty in history. I’ve been used to silky smooth frame rates and excellent gameplay from Cod campaigns. Black Ops III even took some of my frames! I want my frames back please.

I experienced frame drops left right and center. People would talk and then stop while their mouths continued to move.

Call of Duty®_ Black Ops III_20180528120949.png

Or in one case, all sound left entirely and I played with a grey screen for around ten minutes. I think that I died when I wasn’t supposed to and the game got confused.

All these happened on a PS4 Pro in a two-year-old game. Come on. Finishing the game was draining. Only by sheer force of will (read stubbornness) did I complete that campaign. Never again, Call of Duty. Never again.

Call of Duty®_ Black Ops III_20180528131705.png

New Review Section: Technical

On the flip side, the terrible conundrum that was Black Ops III inspired me to include a new section of my reviews: Technical.

Going forward I will include whatever specs necessary, be it PC or console, and extrapolate on how the game runs. I haven’t thought to include this before because of never really seemed necessary.

Now that I know even some console games can run terrible on better hardware, I’m going to keep the technical aspects in mind. People should know how well a game plays.

I don’t want to devote any more time to Black Ops III than I have to. If you haven’t played it by now. Don’t. Your money and time are much better spent elsewhere.

Call of Duty®_ Black Ops III_20180528191839.png

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