FFXII and Jurassic World: Evolution

I’ve been without internet for about 6 weeks so I’ve been focused on playing some single player. Not a fan. I need some multiplayer action to feel complete. PUBG has been calling my name. Without internet, I’ve been focusing on Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age and Jurassic World Evolution. Neither of which has really grabbed my attention wholeheartedly.

I am bored of Final Fantasy XII and might call my 30 hours good, while wait to jump back into Jurassic World Evolution when I can get the game updated.

For now, here are my thoughts on the games so far.

TL; DR: If you aren’t a series die hard, I would just avoid both of these games.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age:FINAL FANTASY Ⅻ THE ZODIAC AGE_20180602093940.png

Initially, I loved the easy combat once I figured out the Gambits. Add that to the ability to speed up the game and I was enamored, for a time. Then I realized I wasn’t actually playing the game and was only setting the game to play itself. That got boring.

I always love the aesthetic and worlds that exist within the Final Fantasy realms including FFXII. The blend of sci-fi and fantasy creates an interesting balance of technology, both new and old. I love the weapon and character variety.


But, something about this game is falling flat for me. Games are meant to be played. While some strategy games are designed to be played via menus, there’s always something to do during the game that actually resembles gameplay. In FFXII things just happen. You can just put your controller down and level for days on end without input. That is not fun.

I’d rather spend my time doing something else. And so I do. I played around 30 hours before deciding that the story wasn’t interesting enough to keep going considering everything else within the game is pretty bland.


I enjoy the job board, but since the game can play itself, the job board becomes everything. Just pick everything.

I know FFXIII gets some hate now and again for being linear, but at least you can play the game. You interact with the world. I would just rather someone push all the cutscenes together and experience FFXII that way.


Jurassic World Evolution:


love Jurassic Park. I make no conditions 


on that love for Jurassic Park. I am fascinated with the series and always have been. Do I think the movies are the greatest films in history? No. But, that doesn’t mean they aren’t excellent. I don’t care about inexact or misused science. I just like Jurassic Park.

I can remember playing (or mostly watching my older brother play) the original Jurassic Park game on NES. The sounds stick out more than anything. I guess the difficulty sticks out too, but I didn’t play it that much so I don’t know for sure.

I completely forgot about the Jurassic Park game that came out on Sega, until looking up past Jurassic Park games on Wikipedia. And that’s about for my experience with games until Jurassic Park Operation Genesis, that I played on PS2.

Do you get to make your own Jurassic Park? Sign me up. I don’t remember too much about it though really. It had Jurassic Park in the title so I didn’t care.


Queue Jurassic World Evolution and I am back in the fray. Now that I own a computer capable of playing games in a higher resolution I’m all over this game. Well, kinda.

Overall, it’s not really that great. I am by no means a Park sim or any kind of sim game expert. But, I think the game is not that good. You are sort of funneled through a campaign that makes you play a certain way.

You don’t really get total control over an island to build, that I’ve seen yet. I’ve only played 2 islands out of 5 so far. Each begins with a park preset and then asks you to take on some tasks in order to accomplish goals to get money and make the best park.

You have to increase three sectors, science entertainment, and security in order to be successful. Those ideas are fine and give you different things to focus on. Although, it is a little bit odd to lose rating with different factions if you gain rating with another. It feels like constant one steps forward two steps back. This does not make for fun gameplay.


The dinosaurs look amazing and I can’t wait to see how all of them look. You are limited to around 8 or so dinosaurs until you get to the second park. And none of the dinos you get in the first park are part of the expected dinos. No raptors, no rex, not even any cool veggiesauraus.

And the menus and UI are a bit wonky. You can’t see the outlines of your park so you have no idea where you can and cannot build until you actually try to build something. Too much realism can make for bad gameplay.

Then some things in the menus are just weirdly grouped or don’t make sense. For example, you can’t hover over the menu items to reveal names of what you are trying to find. So you have to memorize pictures. Only slightly annoying.

I kind wanted a way to just go in and do whatever I wanted, but that isn’t really an option. Overall, I am kind of disappointed because the game doesn’t really compel me back in. I just want to see cool dinosaurs, which is my main reason for playing.

I think I will keep going, but it isn’t because the game is good.



In the meantime, I will make it my goal to get back on track. I’m doing everything via hotspot on my phone right now, but I won’t make that an excuse.

I should be back online for real within two weeks, so that should help my motivation.

Thanks for reading.

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