Calm Before Fall Chaos

We are about a month away from the chaos of fall gaming. The three month period of September, October, and  November is the most contentious time in gaming. Most major new games come out in that period, usually yearly releases with some big names. I get it. Publishers need to get everything out before Black Friday and Christmas to increase sales.

At the end of 2017 I talked about a few of the games I was looking forward to in the coming year. But, I didn’t really mention a couple games that I’m looking forward too for whatever reason. Let’s talk about Spider-Man and Dragon Quest XI.

First and foremost, I didn’t mention either of these games last year because I didn’t expect to play Spider-Man and I wasn’t paying attention to Dragon Quest XI. I’m not a huge fan of either series — in movie, comic, or game form — but, I am looking forward to these games now that we are closer. I think these two and Red Dead Redemption 2 will fill out my year nicely before we move into the now chaotic Spring 2019.

I have no idea why, but the recent announcement from Insomniac Games about twenty something suits in Spider-Man encourages me participation in the hype. I don’t like groove with Spider-Man’s suit in general. I don’t really think he’s that cool of a hero to be honest. And yes, I played the amazing PS2 games back in the day. However, I only played those games because my brother already owned them so I played them for free.

I just think its cool we’ll be able to play the version of Spider-Man that we want. I don’t have to be locked into the “normal” suit from past video games.

I’m sure the gameplay will be great. I’m only iffy on the story content. Insomniac doesn’t have the best track record of fantastic story telling. However, I am only saying that as an outsider to their games by doing research. I have not played their games myself.

All that being said, now that I know I can use the Iron-Spider suit, I am sold. Is that a dumb reason to play a game? Yes. The game is going to be good anyway, so I’m just making excuses to play a certainly great game.

Dragon Quest XI, on the other hand, I know very little about. I’m going in blind and I might put it off until after Red Dead Redemption 2. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve only played Dragon Quest VIII from the series. I played that game on PS2 so its been at least 12 years since I’ve ventured into that world. I’ve been craving a traditional turned based JRPG, which Dragon Quest embodies.

I know I could have played other games in the series on 3DS/DS but I don’t really enjoy handhelds that much. My loss, I know, but JRPGS belong the Playstation controller in my mind.

Now that the series is back on Playstation I’m excited to jump back into that world. I loved the graphically style of Dragon Quest VIII. Dragon Quest XI looks like a more stylized version of DQ8 and I think it looks amazing.

I was disappointed by Ni No Kuni II, so I just want some JRPG comfort food to get me back into the genre.

Or I’ll just play nothing until Red Dead Redemption 2 because I can’t wait for that game above all others.

What are you planning on getting: Spider-Man, Dragon Quest XI, or Red Dead Redemption 2? Or all three?

Thanks for reading.

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