Early Access: Good and Bad

Early Access: SCUM versus Escape From Tarkov

I was originally going to write about SCUM and how I thought the game was poorly made and going to fail, citing lack of interest in early access titles and inability of some creators to understand the community and desire for a specific type of game. I thought the game looked bad without playing it and the complex menu system would ultimately doom the game to become the next DayZ.

Early Access: I Need to Chill

However, I don’t really know anything about the actual development process and I started playing Escape From Tarkov, which is relatively similar in complexity. Rather than be a complete hypocrite, I’ll wish the developers and players of SCUM the best and hope the game comes to fruition in a positive light. The market will speak for itself and games people like to play will sell well. I don’t really need to contribute anything negative to the gaming conversation in general. Play whatever games you want, regardless of their release structure.

The industry doesn’t function like it used to and the fact that we have access to a variety of titles and can directly impact games we love is a good thing.

Early Access: Developer Contact

I think an important aspect of early access games is the communities impact on development. Some people really learn the ins-and-outs of the games they love and understand how to communicate what they want to see improve with those games.

I’m glad to see developers interact with communities more and include them in a the development cycle. Of course, some developers will have an idea in mind and want to stick with that direction.

Now, I never really talk with developers and try to impact the game myself because I don’t really see the point. I don’t think I’ve ever been involved with a game early enough to understand it well enough to offer constructive feedback.  I think maybe PUBG, I was close, but many people played the game more than me so I didn’t see the point.

With that in mind, I definitely look at the developer interaction with their community before buy-in. I’m mainly looking at the developers communication as a way to understand their dedication to their game. I don’t want to buy something and then to see it never finished. I still feel kinda burned by DayZ considering I don’t see that game ever releasing in full. Moving on.

I’m impressed with PUBG Corp.’s dedication to improving their game. I feel like they are committed to making the game better, especially with their “FIX PUBG” initiative. Some people think it’s just a bunch of lip service to make people shut up. But, I feel like they are going to make PUBG better and have made significant improvements already.

TL,DR: Play what you want. Devs, keep up the contact with players.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. I’m torn between replaying the original Mass Effect trilogy and waiting for next weeks releases of Spider-Man and Dragon Quest XI.


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