Spider-Man PS4: Platinum Thoughts

In my Spider-Man PS4 review I mentioned that I was excited to get back into the game. I wanted to explore the digital version of NYC and web some bad guys to buildings. In my search for the platinum trophy, I did both of those things. I think in excess.

I should have stopped playing the game after beating it. But, I like going for cool platinums or platinums that don’t have ties to difficulty. The platinum trophy for this game is easily obtainable, just time-consuming. The more that I played the gameĀ the more apparent some of the issues became.

I’m glad I got the platinum trophy. I am not going to play this game again. At least for a while, I am a bit soured on the experience after completing the game 100%.

No spoilers.

Much of my opinion stands from my review. I don’t think completing the story gives you enough time in the open world, unless you do more non-story combat first, to understand some of the issues with the game.

The web-slinging and traversal become monotonous and clumsy. Sticking to walls, ironically enough, can be frustrating and a half. If you get stuck on a wall or an anything for whatever reason, it can be difficult to move off. Spider-Man is based off a creature designed to stick to surfaces, full stop. The fact that the game essentially adheres to that quality so well takes away from the experience.

I got stuck on ladders, fire escapes, water barrels, and a million other things while I searched for crime. I became more and more frustrated every time it happened.

As I was trying to get crimes to spawn, which is annoying as it is, I was detracted from moving throughout the world because of bad game mechanics. I felt bogged down by sticking to walls and not being able to detach from them.

On the flip side, the combat does become more fun when you have more gadgets, skills, and suits to use. The gadgets create some really hilarious interactions and make the combat more enjoyable overall. I noticed a couple bugs where some enemies took incredible long to beat. These happened a couple times and made my search for the trophy tedious. I’m aware that it’s my choice to continue playing, but I want to at least enjoy the game if I choose to keep going.

I felt discouraged from playing because the more I understood the mechanics the more I noticed how bad they good be. And that’s sad because the game feels great overall. The game just feels worse knowing how good it is usually.

Tl,DR: Game still fun, just a lot less so when playing for the platinum trophy and experiencing some negative game feedback. Fun-ish platinum.

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