Red Dead Redemption 2: Gameplay Trailer #2 Reaction

I’ll go beyond the graphical prowess of the game since I talked about that in my reaction to the first gameplay trailer. RDR2 still seems awesome. I am only skeptical about the first person perspective.

If the trailer is accurate in what sort of gameplay mechanics and general shenanigans are in the game, we are in for a treat. I hate to get over-hyped about games or to have expectations in general. However, it’s hard not to think about the possibilities in Red Dead Redemption II.

The trailer shows countless actions and events that take place in the game. I’m curious as to the level of nuance in the game itself. The events taking place in the video seem scripted. The trailer shows pretty much every event and interaction impacting subsequent events.

There is a point where constant interactions with random people and animals become annoying, even if realistic. Imagine trying to get a specific place in the game only to be held up 3 times and hunted by 2 wolf packs. That would be more obnoxious than annoying.

Speaking of wolves, the narrator of the game says that we can pretty much choose everything about how we look and what we do. We see fishing, boating, hunting, drinking, gambling, and dancing to name a few.

We get to see first-person gameplay for the first time. And as much as I enjoy first-person shooters, I am skeptical with how the game will feel in a new perspective.

We are shown a heist in the first few moments of the trailer. And apparently, they can be planned, maybe like heists in GTA Online. I’d love to play out an old west heist in real time so that aspect of the game really intrigues me.

The world presented in the trailer feels alive, but its a trailer. Rockstar is showing us these things because they want us to see them. While I’m still excited for the game, I am cautious about the world being overly realistic. I’m probably wrong because Rockstar knows what they are doing. I’m will not be disappointed to be wrong about the overly realistic vibes I’m getting from the trailer.

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