Anthem: Response to the Developers

Alright, so a few days after I posted a review for Anthem, the developers have updated the game with some pretty great changes. I don’t think the changes are as important as the developers response to feedback and willingness to change something fans request.

You can find the changes listed here, which is a link to the reddit post from BioWare’s Community Manager.

In the small update that launched on February 28, the loot inscriptions changed. In-game, the loot inscriptions are stat modifiers for weapons and other gear. Prior to this change the inscriptions were from a weirdly large pool that included all gear and weapons. This was a bad idea because you could get weapons that had a modifier for an entirely different weapon, ultimately wasting the inscription slot and going unused. End game loot kind of revolves around those inscriptions so it made the loot feel pointless and incredibly difficult to power up your javelin further.

The new change altered how inscriptions work. The inscription pools now stick to the weapon or gear slot they are relevant to. For example, an assault rifle drop will now draw from a pool of inscriptions specifically tailored to assault rifles. So no more assault rifles with inscriptions pertaining to autocannons or other non-relevant weapon types.

I think this is a pretty significant change because it unlocks the end game progression a little bit better. The drops will have better inscriptions meaning you can power up and take on harder difficulties. This will have a compound effect at later difficulties because you will also have greater chances for higher tiered loot drops. Both things good, as far as I can tell.

A smaller section of the update points out that it will be much easier to craft weapons and gear because the required materials for crafting has been lowered, in certain aspects. You can get better gear drops and then break down that gear for crafting items and then try to build more gear that actually works with your build. Yay for developers listening! This is a really good move.

I am also impressed by the response from the Lead Producer, Ben Irving, who responds to changes and doesn’t shy away from the community via twitter. He is really active and keeps the community posted on with the goings-on regarding possible changes and updates.

I pointed out, as did many others, quite a few problems with Anthem during my playthrough. And to be fair, I haven’t necessarily stopped playing because I still have access through Origin Premiere. But, I haven’t seen enough to keep myself playing or reupping that subscription.

All I’m saying is that BioWare seems open to feedback and shows a willingness to include the community whenever they make decisions regarding updates to the game. I am impressed with post-launch changes so far. They’ve got a long way to go, but I think they can continue to build the game into something great, eventually.

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