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Welcome to Ready Rockabye. My little corner of the Internet to talk about video games. From game reviews and tips to industry trends and gaming thoughts in general.

What about the name? Well, Ready Rockabye is just fun to say. Nothing more.

Over the coming days, I intend on introducing myself and providing a bit of my gaming background. I want to connect with people about games and I think the best way to do that is to provide them with some of my own experiences first so that they might get an idea of my thought process.

In this informative introduction to myself, I’ll put out a couple lists. My first list will introduce some of my favorite games of all time. I want to do this because it gives people an insight into where my gaming preferences lie and some of my gaming “credentials.” I’ll probably keep the list to five or ten games.

My second list will contain my most played games of all time. I want to provide this list because it shows how I’m spending my gaming time, and I think even though some games aren’t my favorite they have a spot on my most played list for a variety of reasons.

And third, I’ll give a list of games I’m playing right now and what games I plan on playing in the near (6 months) future. This is so if we have some overlap between games we’ll have a chance to talk about it and you’ll know about it in advance.

I’ll create a page for planned/prepped reviews and videos as well.

I intend on this welcome being a living document that’ll change over time. I wanted to get it up and out there to help hold myself accountable.

If you stumble upon this site feel free to reach out. I’d love to hear about your own gaming experiences.

Until next time, see ya later, love ya, bye.

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