Nintendo as a Software Developer

I want to see Nintendo move away from hardware and focus entirely on software. I think that they are some of the best developers in the business and their games deserve to be played by more people. And I’m not even that much of a fan of Nintendo’s properties.

As I’ve mentioned before, I couldn’t get into Breath of the Wild and I don’t have any intention to play Mario Odyssey. But, while most major developers in the industry dilute their games with garbage microtransactions, Nintendo just makes great games.

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Call of Duty: WWII Review

My Call of Duty playtime has been in decline since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. I think I have purchased every Call of Duty since 4 but I tend to only play the campaign these days. The last Call of Duty multiplayer I played for an extended period of time is Black Ops 3, where I played around 20 hours. I’ve just moved on to other things. The games don’t keep me interested anymore, except the campaign. I usually enjoy the Call of Duty campaigns because they are just fun, dumb action shooters. Call of Duty: WWII misses the mark.

This review is specifically for the campaign.

Normally I include a “world” portion of a review, but it doesn’t feel necessary of this game.

No Spoilers.

TL,DR at the bottom.

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Gaming Backlog

Or as I like to call it, buying games and never playing them. It’s a horrible habit that I have. However, I feel like since I didn’t buy anything in the Steam Winter Sale that I’m making progress.

Short Post this week: I was not ready for the chaos the week presented. I should have more time next week to actually have more content prepped. I’m still brainstorming what developer I want to dive into for a deep look. I’ll likely keep that post in one section rather than it up into multiple posts. Continue reading “Gaming Backlog”

The Legend of Dragoon Review

I’ve realized after finishing this game that I don’t think it’s anything fantastic, nor does it do anything different or amazing from JRPGs from its time. The two things it does well, combat and pace, kept me going back to the game and propelled me to finish it. Regardless of my opinions on the following categories, I loved my time with this game.

As far as I know, I completed all the side-quests in the game which for me qualifies as completing the entirety of a game. No, I didn’t have all of the weapons or armor nor did I level all  characters. I did see the entire story content, whether main plot or otherwise, in its completion.

No Spoilers.

TL,DR at the bottom.

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Thoughts on Legend of Dragoon

So, I’ve been playing The Legend of Dragoon lately. I don’t remember much of the story from when the game originally released. I remember some characters and the combat system, but everything else feels like a new game.

And I love it. I think it’s becoming my second favorite JRPG, after Final Fantasy X of course. I’m finding a common theme for some of my favorite games: the pace of the story.

Even with the game being so old, No Spoilers.

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Games to look forward to in 2018

After some time debating on how exactly to lay out the next few posts, I’ve decided to break them up into a few different categories.

For today, I’ll talk about games I’m excited about that have “hard” release dates, or games that I actually think will release around when publishers have said they will. This week will likely be shorter than usual, but I want to make sure to hit the dates I said I would.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s get started.

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